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would two goldfish be good in a 10g tank 10 easy points for best answer?

i know there going to grow and once they get too big for the 10g ill probably get a bigger one but would 2 gold fish small-medium fish fit in there. it has a good filter, rocks, and some plants thanks.


thanks to yahoo answers i am now seeking out for at least 30 to 40gallon thanks everyone :D

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    Ew yuck.. So many amatuers and people who don't do research around here... :/

    No, it will NOT be alright.

    A single fancy goldfish needs a 20 gallons tank. 20 gallons for the first fancy, 10 gallons minimum per added fancy. This does NOT mean one can be kept in a 10 gallon tank. It is TO SMALL. They grow to be 10-12 inches, with a lifespan of 10-20 years!

    A single common, comet, or tiny "feeder" goldfish will require a 75 gallon tank because even tho they start small, they get 14-18 inches! They also live long lives when cared for properly.

    Large goldfish tanks also need to be fitted with large, oversized filters. (EX. 30 gallon tank = 60 gallon filter. 75 gallon tank = 150 gallon filter.)

    And the problem with starting them in there.. Is..

    1. They will suffocate or poison themselves. The small tank and filter will NOT be able to keep up with 4 goldfish's large bioloads.

    2. There isn't room to grow. It will stunt their growth, make them sickly, and drastically shorten their lives.

    If you really want a goldfish tank, then wait until you can afford the right sized tank for them to grow into and not be moved around.

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    Ok first, Goldfish are cold water lovers but betta are tropical fish and need warm water. Next, a goldfish probably wont be too happy in a 10 gallon where as a betta only needs a 5 gallon to be happy. You can't have both in one tank for one reason because they both have different water temp needs, and for another reason is if the goldfish gets too big it can eat the betta. Also betta get jealous of fish with bright or shiny colors so the betta would probably pick on the goldfish a lot. You can get one male betta or two female betta. If you want another kind of fish in there then you can add some things like Neon tetras they can live with betta and a 10 gallon would be a good size to keep them in. Sorry if i was rude.

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    That would be way to small. Goldfish are dirty messy fish, that need high filtration. they need atleast 30 for the both of them.. then a 40-50 has they get bigger. if you have a 10g tank, I would look for something else.

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    20 gallons is the minimum for ONE small fancy goldfish (the fat bodied variety) they eventually need 30 for one and two would need more like 50.

    as for comet goldfish (the long body goldfish) they need a minimum of 30 gallons for a young small fish and 50 + for an adult fish. two would need about 65 + gallons.

    both these types of goldies have very long life spans and comet goldfish can live to be over 40 so make sure you are ready for the commitment.

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    Absolutely not.

    Two goldifsh need at least a 30-gallon tank, preferably 40 gallons or larger.

    Tanks should be sized for the eventual adult size of the fish, not the size they are when you buy them.

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    You can. I have 4 goldfish in my 10gal - and they were fine when they were small - and now I AM indeed upgrading, but I can tell you it is NOT impossible and not murderous. My goldfish are all healthy - not diseased, not sick. So while cautions to give goldfish bigger space are true, don't freak out over people who scream that a goldfish needs 30gal each or whatever amount they make up.

    Just clean the filter more often than you would for other tanks, as it gets dirty pretty quickly. Once every two weeks would be fine. and 20-30% water change every week. Set a certain day and follow it. I do mine every Tuesday. Other than that, you should be fine. Good luck.

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    Two small-medium goldfish would be fine, especially if you have a filter (they are very messy!!!). They do like rocks because they can kind of rest on them if they get tired. They DEFINITELY LOVE plants because they need to hide when they feel threatened. They will eventually need to be moved into a bigger tank when they get bigger, too. If you get a male and a female, be careful because you will soon have a WHOLE BUNCH of baby goldfish!!! Hope That Helps! =]

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    Yes depending on the size. You can but the fish in there and just make sure its not to crowded and they should be fine

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    yes. fish don't grow bigger than their tank. and gold fish don't usually live to be huge. the first answer...WRONG!!!!

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    it would!

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