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Draya asked in Food & DrinkVegetarian & Vegan · 10 years ago

Convince me to become a vegetarian?

Please convince me to become a vegetarian. I really want to. I just finished watching PETA videos and its discusting, but the "market" makes it so hard. Its expensive to buy vegetarian non-meat items at the grocer, I dont have much time to prepare meals because I work 2 jobs and go to school, going out to eat is impossible unless you want to eat salads every single day!

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    You can start your journey to do vegetarian meals every second day, this way your body will slowly change to this idea instead of rapid changes which will lead to big shock to your body.

    Go to Library and borrow some Nutrition books on how to plan your menu without hurting your body.

    You might be hungry quicker between meals. To digest meat will take several hours on the other hand fruits one hour and vegetable around 2-3 hours.

  • Brook
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    10 years ago

    Its expensive to buy vegetarian non-meat items at the grocer

    ----So don't. Mock meats are disgusting and highly processed. Soy products, beans, lentils, legumes, nuts and seeds, as well as many grains contain high amounts of protein. They're usually a lot cheaper than meat, too. Plus, it's easier to find these items as organic than it is to find organic meat.

    I don't have much time to prepare meals because I work 2 jobs and go to school

    ----Finding time to make food is pretty much impossible. It's so much easier now that it's summer, but this last school year I was going to high school during the day, taking night classes for college, and working whenever I wasn't studying. I made a lot of food ahead of time, freezing what I wasn't going to eat the next day to be thawed later. I learned to love leftovers, and for a while I came to rely on prepared and frozen meals (always go for low sodium in these!)

    going out to eat is impossible unless you want to eat salads every single day

    ----Hey, don't knock salads! Some of them are actually really good. But I totally understand if you don't want them. I try not to order salads at restaurants because I despise iceberg lettuce. (I love spinach salads and salads made with fancy lettuce, though.) There are lots of other options, though. Unless you're going to a steakhouse, there's likely to be a few veg-friendly options, and maybe even a whole vegetarian section on the menu. If not, appetizers are usually vegetarian, and more than large enough to be eaten as an entree when eaten by only one person. For example, sometimes I'll go to Olive Garden and get just the bruschetta (even though the eggplant parmesan is great, too.) When you do get roped into going to a steak house, salads usually are the best option. You can ask for a salad without meat if that's all they have, or you can get sides. Mozzarella sticks and fries are good, either by themselves or with a salad. Just make sure they're not fried with the chicken tenders or whatever. Speaking of which, the kids' menu is another great source of veg food. It might be a bit embarrassing to order from, but it's always cheaper and sometimes tastier. And because kids are so picky, nine times out of ten you'll find something vegetarian that you already know you like. As for fast food, my favorite places are Subway and Chipotle. Arby's supposedly fries their fries separately from their meat (something about the spices mixing in the oil?) which is great because they have the best french fries in the world. If you continue going to places like McDonald's and Wendy's, you probably want to check ingredients online (McDonald's fries used to contain beef tallow, and they still might) and ask what fried are fried in, as well as asking what they're fried with. Check ice creams and shakes for gelatin. Besides that, you're generally safe.

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    Do some research, find out about the many yummy foods you will be eating on a vegetarian diet, you'll soon realize you won't miss. Going in to work with your stepfather and watching him butcher should also help-meat is really pretty gross before you put it through all the steps required to make it palatable.

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    10 years ago

    I can't , sorry and the fact you want convincing will make you struggle.

    Vegetarian meals are NOT expensive. A decent cookery book will help.

    Vegetables are cheaper than meat.

    IF I wanted to be vegetarian I could live heaps cheaper than being a meat eater BUT I would do my homework before I started , to make sure I consumed sufficient protein nutrients and Vitamins

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Being vegetarian is a personal journey, and no one can make this decision for you. You just need to decide that animal welfare is more important than your dietary choice. Trail mix is always a good choice because it's cheap and you can make it yourself. Tempeh is a product that contains more protein than most meats, and it's fairly fast and easy to cook.

    Despite what omnivores will say, no one over the age of 16 "needs" meat. The omnivorous lifestyle is streamlined and can be very convenient, but at the cost of lives.

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    Start by "disconnecting" from the market, media, culture and myths.

    It helps to realize humans are natural herbivores..... specifically, fruit eaters. Fruit happens to be quick, easy and cheap.

    Other convenient foods that don't need cooking are: canned beans/veggies, granola, nuts, sunflower seeds, crackers...

    ....and you really should have salad every day.

    These are cheap - along with rice, millet, oats and beans. Meat's whats expensive.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If u want more convincing, go 2 WWW.GOVEG.COM & read the HEALTH section... another good site is WWW.PCRM.ORG... My grocery store carries a variety of frozen veggie meals like Birds Eye steamers, Smart Ones & Lean Cruisine... 5 mins in the microwave & ur meal is ready,

  • A Guy
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    10 years ago

    Some people (disciples of D'Adamo) think that some people *should* be vegetarian. For Dr. D's 1st cut ("Eat Right 4 Your Type") they were people with type "A" blood, and more details were in the book.

    Other sources indicate that everybody needs *some* meat.

  • 10 years ago

    taco bell, subway have veggie options. there must be a vegetarian restaurant near you http://www.happycow.net

    here are vegetarian recipes that take less than 15 minutes to make


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    We were born to eat meat. Because PETA found some place in China or a random meat processing plant that mistreats animals doesn't mean anything. I if it worries you that much, find out more about where your food comes from so you can find products that you know are produced more humanely.

    Also PETA is the one that was caught dumping dogs that they killed in dumpsters, remember? Other than raising money, i'm not sure their motivations are very clear. Any smart person who starts to learn about PETA doesn't take them seriously.

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