Culturally Speaking: Inspired by Gua, How many people grew up with a picture of white Jesus in their home?

You know the blonde hair and blue eyed one that followed you everywhere you went. Can you blame white people for thinking that they are superior when they are taught that by all the important people in their live. Growing parents, the police, the teachers, Jesus, and Santa were all white. If white people can make Jesus white and grow up not ever questioning this (Gua), of course they are gonna have a skewed vision of the world.


lol...interesting how we would and will accept different versions of the white Jesus, but would laugh at a black or middle eastern version. the brain is a funny thing.

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    very good topic.

    I dont recall that image (of that weak looking man that is on everyones wall) being in our home, but it was plastered on the wall of my very first church. (still there- was there before I was even born) As I grew in knowledge, that image became bleaker and bleaker in my mind- and not just because he is a white portrayal, but because that image looks weak- and quite frankly feminine. Plus, it's NOT him.

    I find myself constantly explaining to my child, that those pictures are not the real people of the bible- they need to understand that everything good- is not white. I purposely seek out books that are racially diverse. People will say "what does it matter" buy your kids pics and books that portray him as black or racially ambiguos then- since, it doesn't matter. But we know- they wont do that.

    add: Yeshua walked for miles- he worked- he was in the sun. He had to have been very masculine- very built, and his skin had to have a darker pigment to protect him. like all dark people. It's basic biology. lol.

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    Your Jesus had blonde hair?

    Pretty much every depiction I've ever seen was a white man with brown hair. The eyes have varied though.

    That said, living in a 92% white country, my parents are white, my teachers were white, the police are, by and large, white. But, equally so, the criminals are white (again, by and large), the benefit-scroungers are white, the tramps are white.

    I was brought up around white people because I am white, living in a white country. The authority figures were white - but that in no way means that every black/asian/whatever person I ever meet is judged any differently. That is rediculess, you would have to be very weak minded.

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    1 decade ago

    Not I. I was raised Roman Catholic and we had the Brown hair, brown eyes and tanned or dark skinned version. Jesus was never portrayed as "pearly white". A couple of years ago my Mother sent me an entire black nativity scene which I thought was really cool. I am so open to everything. I respect every religion and every belief...t was something that we were taught early on and something I have passed on to my own kids. I don't think anyone knows what color Jesus was. I'm looking forward to finding out though.

    Peace, Love & Happiness

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    The picture of Jesus that I grew up with was a figure with tan skin, brown hair and brown eyes.

    The angels and cherubs were often depicted as curly-haired blondes with baby blues, which I often found odd as most if not all were taken from a middle eastern culture.

    I grew up with the image of a white Santa, when I was younger I found it such a funny novelty to encounter the image of a black Père Noël in French Guiana.

    I find it rather sad that my Uncle's explanation for this was that Santa was covered in soot from going down a chimney -_-;;

    Traditionally speaking a white culture is going to have white figureheads and stereotypes. It's not superiority, it's identity. Figuring out who and what you are. It's only recently that outside cultures have begun to creep in and intermingle. When my Grandmother was growing up there were only whites in her area, when my mother was growing up she had one black friend, when I was growing up I had a few mixed, black and asian friends, if I have children then they will grow up with a significant number of friends from other races. It takes time to change a very old tradition. People stuck to their own groups for thousands of years, they learnt certain behaviours from it and it's going to take a long time before general socializing changes to reflect on different races.

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    I didn't. I always saw pictures of him as being darker, more Semitic, which is probably more along the lines of what he would have looked like.

    That is an interesting point you make about how being surrounded by images of faces that look just like you do affect how you feel about yourself.

    I lived on an island where about 90% of the population is black, so all of the models in the magazines are black, all the commercials are with black people, all the advertising is full of images of black people. Natural hair is praised, and all skin colors are used, I mean jet black models, beautiful. It seems that people who grew up with that all around you boosts your self confidence and makes you feel as if that standard is something that you can attain.

    That is why as a minority in this country, it is very important to counterbalance the majority of white images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Its does affect your psyche and how you view yourself, and how you view others.

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    1 decade ago

    Erm, the picture I had was Jesus in brown hair, not sure of the eye color.. green?

    He isn't blonde, but no one knows that for sure. I just know I grew up seeing him with brown hair lol.

    edit : the whole black Jesus thing, I mean we all knew where he was from and that region doesn't really have black people, back in their days anyway. Before migration, where whites were and blacks were, that's just how it was! Blacks are now all over the place because of slavery. Whatever race goes with early Israelis, that's what he was.

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    5 years ago

    If you would read the Bible for yourself and stop asking morons that have never opened the Bible you'd clearly see He was black, because it says so. (REV. 1:14 & 1:15) It also explains the linage of MAry & Joseph who were from the tribe of Judah. Jeremiah 14:2 clear says Judah was BLACK unto the ground! You also need to read about the FAKE JEWS Revelation 3:8 & 3:9 I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name. 9Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie-- I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you. The real Jews are not in their land yet! They real Jews are just starting to wake up! Read all Deuteronomy 28 and that clearly tells you who the real Jews are! I can't break it down any more simple than that, You need to read!

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    The picture in our home was Jesus with brown hair & brown eyes, not blonde hair & blue eyes. Also he wasn't white, his skin color was more of a tan.

    I've always believed Jesus was Middle Eastern.

    I have seen pictures of him as Black, Asian, Native American over the years.

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    No, our Jesus was a more tan, light brown hair Jesus. But I don't see why it matters anyway.Everyone knows that Jesus was from the middle east which means he has olive skin and dark hair and eyes. But why does it matter anyway? The photo is not mean as a literal image of him. It is a depiction produced in every race so that people can identify with it easily. That goes for Black Jesus as well, because Jesus was obviously not black.

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    We had one with brown hair and eyes but never made a big deal about it. The older I got the more I questioned it. That is definitely just a Europeanized version. Many of the oldest cathedrals and churches have pictures of a Black Madonna and Child as main icons of the church. Funny how that was mostly overlooked in religious writings. The bible itself indicates Jesus was a black man. I know a lot of people will not even look at the reference and just say no way.because of closed minds.

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