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Ok, so i'm nearly 18, all my friends have lost their virginity and i haven't.?

Well, not all have lost their virginity but every ones come close. Also most other people of my age group have, I think I know 1 girl who hasn't. Then theres me, I haven't even kissed a boy in 4 years. Everyones always talking about it and then when it comes to me people just go quite because they know i'm the 'virgin mary'. I'm not attracted to anyone in town, like 0. There's just no one who's caught my eye so why would I sleep with anyone?

I feel like there's something wrong with me, because I sort of don't care and i'm thinking this should be something I should be worried about, I'm going to be 18. Personally I don't feel like any of us are old enough... I still watch drake and josh with my sister and i'm not really one for going out drinking every weekend. I feel like i'm the most mature one out of everyone, but they've had sex so I guess not.

It's also making me feel pretty unattractive. People must think i'm a monster or something. Maybe it's because I have acne... Maybe I'm just the 40 year old virgin...

What should I do? I'm planning on waiting till a meet someone nice who I actually like but people tell me it's not like the movies. HELP?

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    ......having sex dosent make you are the most mature of them i think most of them are probably sleeping with random guys....i hear girls at school talkin about of i had a train ran on me or oh i just had to get an abortion or im pregnat or i have an std. or i have never used condoms...most girls our age sleep with a guy just because everyone else is doing it..... i am 18 too. an most of my friends lost their verginity way before it did. i lost mine with my boyfriend(were still togther) and we were together for a year bofore we did and it is going on 2 years after we did in a month. so thts 3 eyars total.. its all about being with a person you love. sex is a very intimate emotional thing. it can even make you cry...not as a sad cry or pain its jsut knowing you are sharing something special with someone you love.... it really ticks me off when i run into a girl who is 15 and is pregnant saying its not my fault the condom broke. then i say u shoulda kept ur legs closed.

    i think that you are only old enuff when you are readdy to deal with the consequences that could come from sex

    you really need not listen to the people at school. DO wait. it is worth it. virginity is a special thing and so is sex. and it can be like in the movies.

    im also thinking that the guys arnt all over you like they re on the rest of the girls becausae they know the others are easy and dont think you will give it up. men will have sex when given tho oportunity...thats the way it is.

    im not some 40 year old woman trying to school you.i am just another 18 year old speakin gthe truth. im jsut telling you the facts that i have learned in life. you dont have to be like everyone else. you have got to understand that. sex is not a fad.

    and in the future your man whoul like you even more for it....if my boyfriend wasint a virgin when we met i whouldent even have dated him. i would never what that inside me when its been in someone else. and my man has also told me that he wouldent even like to think of it the other way around.

    belive me girl you will thank yourself for it.

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    There's nothing wrong with waiting. My best friend is 19 and she's still a virgin. She's waiting til marriage. I lost mine at 18 but I really wish I would have waited a little while longer. Sometimes sex can make or break a relationship. Enjoy being a kid while you can. Watch cartoons :) Trust me there ain't nothing wrong with waiting :) Oh and if you're not attracted to anybody where you live try meeting somebody new from outta town. That's what I did. Best of luck!!

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    Never let your friends or a boy tell you it's uncool or whatever to be a virgin. More young women should be like you. When i was 16 i let my friends and a guy get to me, and lost my virginity to a guy i knew i wouldn't be with forever. Now I'm with the man i want to marry and i wish that i could give him everything and i can't because i already gave it to someone else. You don't even realize what a special gift it is to give someone until you find the right one. My guy waited for me and i think it's amazing, now i wish with all of my heart i could take what i did back.Go ahead and wait as long as you want to or even better until your married because you never know what will happen to the relationship (people break off engagements all of the time). You're an amazingly classy, strong girl who is worth waiting for... remember that.

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    I think everything's been said, but just wanted to let you know I'm 18 and in your situation - it's especially embarassing when people talk about that kind of stuff and you can't join in.. But the way I see it is they all regret their first time, I don't know anyone who were happy with who they did it with, where, etc.. Just wait, you'll know when you're ready, don't give in to peer pressure. Ps, being a virgin doesn't make you less mature than them, if anything it makes you more mature. Hope I helped =) x

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    possibilities are high you will no longer convince them - they have probable held those perspectives for a protracted time and are not likely to unexpectedly replace their minds. What i discover unusual is which you quite prefer their blessing. certainly your very own existence is your very own corporation. you're 19, you're an person! possibly wait till you're at Uni and choose what you prefer to do and no count in case you quite prefer your father and mom "permission" - i don't understand everyone else who asked their father and mom first in the past dropping their virginity, i did no longer! And tell your boyfriend that he should not be discussing your intercourse existence with everyone - no longer to show your brother! And overlook approximately others approximately slipping up - in case you're clever and use secure practices there is not any reason you shouldn't have intercourse - it is not grimy or incorrect, and in case you're no longer religious it is your decision in case you prefer to do it now. different individuals are effective to have their perspectives and ideology, and you're too.

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    If you're going to have sex, then do it for the right reason. Its seems you already know what that is. The wrong reasons include peer pressure, fear of being an old maid, doing it just to get it done and out of the way, looking for reassurance, etc. This is YOUR life, you only live once... so live it on YOUR terms within, of course, God's plan. You should NEVER feel ashamed or inadequate when you are doing what you KNOW is the right thing.

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    excuse my language, but who gives a flyin flippin flabbin fricken heck if someone who's 18 is still a virgin. I'm not trying to act like Jesus here, but I'm saving mine for marriage. I'm not saying that you should, but there are millions of people in the world doing the same thing. There really are 40 year old virgins out there in the world, and big whoop. Age is just a number. Tell them that you have the balls to wait, unlike them. :D

  • Sounds like you have some brains. If it works for you keep at it. We need more people in the world who think for themselves and not the image of their circle of friends. Its really not worth it. It last for a few and its over. My first time at 16.5 was similar to stuff that happens in movies. But not today's movies, i'm 25 now. 9 years later I have yet regret it, we are still close til this day (we never dated). But everybody is usually not so lucky.

    Actually in today's time I am almost scared to be intimate, too many strange STI's on the up swing.

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    There is NOTHING wrong with you for not wanting to sleep with just anyone! Wait until you meet the right guy!! It really is worth waiting. Trust me... down the road, all the girls who had sex too often and too early are gonna look back at you and wish they had waited too.

    Don't let it make you feel unattractive. And don't let anyone pressure you into doing something just so you can feel like you fit in. Its not worth it!

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    Hey there. Wanna know a secret?

    I'm 18.

    I've been with my boyfriend, who is 19, for a year and 5 months.

    We love each other very much.


    I JUST graduated high school, and he's about to be a sophomore in college. We just don't want to risk pregnancy right now, just going to wait a while. There is NOTHING wrong with you, I promise. I have much more respect for folks like you who have morals and who WAIT, as opposed to those who just go out and do it just to do it mindlessly.

    Keep it up. You'll meet someone that you want to share it with and then you'll be happy you waited.

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