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Is Sarah Palin a gift to Liberals that keeps on giving?

She caused McCain to lose. She caused Obama to win. She will probably cause Obama to win again. Thank you Sarah!

She constantly makes stupid comments like "Drill Baby Drill"

She thinks the VP's job is to control the Senate.

She thinks Africa is a country

She gets caught with notes on her palms while criticizing Obama's use of a teleprompter.

She can't answer simple questions like, "What magazines/newspapers do you read?"

She says she is not a quitter - but quit as Governor of Alaska.

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    she's the gift that keeps on giving to anyone who enjoys a good joke...long standing and with notes written on it's hands

  • Ciaron
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    Yes -Palin was a significant contribution to McCain’s electoral failure. Trotting her out to speak is a huge benefit to the Democrats as well as to Liberals, because next to her anyone seems reasonable and rational.

    For example

    Bill O’Reilly: Why do Liberals hate you?

    Sarah Palin: They hate me for my message, Bill, the one that is all common-sense solutions for decent Americans instead of that way-out stuff the Liberals are always shoving down our throats. If big government with their big debts would just stop trampling on the rights of big business and let the free market hand move things around plus stop taxing the rich people who make us all the jobs that would be a real benefit and a help and make everything better according to God’s plan as it says in the Bible the Founders relied on then lions will lie down with lambs and that would really help out in these times where jobs are scarce ‘cause more lambs would mean more lamb chops on more American tables and then we would be just a whole bunch safer with those lions just lying there they could be shot and done away with easy like you wouldn’t even need helicopters like we have to use on the dangerous wolves up there in Alaska where I’m from and the people, and the state, up there they are really something there, Bill.

    Her latest behavior is straight out of a sitcom - a Liberal Journalist with 40 years of experience in writing moves next door to her. Many people did not really appreciate how strange and, frankly, immature Palin was until they read her facebook post about it. Palin informs her readers that McGinniss is "overlooking my children’s play area" and "overlooking Piper’s bedroom." Alternately sounding angry and mocking, she refers to "the family’s swimming hole," which at first reference sounds like she's accusing McGinniss of checking out the Palins in their bathing suits, until you realize the family's "swimming hole" is Lake Lucille. And she posts a photo of the space McGinniss is renting, captioning it, "Can I call you Joe?". The whole thing has resulted in McGinnis getting more material in a week than he could get in a year and it is certainly rebounding on Palin as she shows herself less as a fighter and more as a rather pathetic bully.

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    the only subject that garantees Obama a 2d term is a helpful first term... in accordance with this wide-unfold term so some distance... i think of i could even wager on Palin in 2012... and that i don't even like her... for my section Palin is a distraction... the GOP set her loose so the liberals ought to save on together with her each and every flow, guffawing with glee on the thought-approximately her working in '12 and satisfied that they could beat her whilst the GOP prepares this is actual applicants...

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    Yes, I am a conservative independent and I can't stand her. Esp. that last point about quitting, there is no way else to play that, she left her job in order to focus on other things. There was no reason she couldn't have served the remainder of her time in office. Not like she is ever going to get elected to anything again since they will point to that and say "when the going got tough...she quit."

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    Actually, I was thinking more on the lines of: Since Liberals love to stalk and interfere in the private affairs of people they don't like, Sarah Palin is the perfect gift for them since Feminist groups won't stick up for her.

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    Good luck with Obama winning again. He has zero chance of that happening. Have you seen his poll numbers? That's what happens with corruption, lies, and ignoring what the majority of the country wants.

    In the meantime, keep the juvenile comments about Palin coming. They're so witty and original.

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    She is driving the liberals nuts, and you can't leave her alone because she is a woman with power. Who would have thought the left would turn out to be so sexist ?

  • Sarah Palin is a gift to late-night TV show hosts.

  • danilo
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    I'm from Spain and even here everybody knows how retarded that girl is. Seriously, I can't understand how she does to keep herself in policy XDDDD

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    Most likely caused McCain the 2008 election.

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