Troubles choosing a skateboard can u give me professional advice?

I am 5'7", 162 lbs, and I'm a beginner skateboarder. i skate streets and I'm learning tricks such as ollies and kick flips. the simple ones. i don't know what type of board to get, i understand that there are levels of decks such as 7.5, 7.6, 7.75, and so on. what type of deck would be right for me? and between these brands of trucks, which one would be best for me: Grind King, Destructo, Royal, Venture, Independent, Krux, Ruckus, Thunder, or Tracker? and what kind of bearings should i get? i don't understand the differences between different bearings. and what kind of skateboard hardware would you recommend? and also the risers...i know these are a lot of questions, I'm just so paranoid about getting a bad board.

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    First thing first, always buy your skateboard from a local shop rather than from the internet. This way your going to be able to see and feel the depth of concave and size of board and also check out the graphics. The staff in skate shops are passionate about skating so won't try and rip you off but help you get the best setup for your level. Also Skate shops don't get a lot of profit from the products they sell and need all the help they can get from the local skaters. Skate shops are also a fantastic way to meet local skateboarders and learn about upcoming demos and comps so as a beginner it would be a good idea to go to your local skate shop and meet some of the locals. Now onto your setup...

    Deck: As you've mentioned decks come in different sizes. An average skater who will skate a mixture of street and tranny (park) will usually have an 8.0 sized deck. A street skater will have anywhere from 7.5 to 8 and a tranny skater will have 8 to 9 (for pool skating). It all depends on shoe size and personal preference. I ride an 8.0 because I can still learn fliptricks but mostly skate at my local park and skate the miniramp and bowl so it gives me a good mixture. For you I would recommend a 7.75. Another factor to consider is concave (the depth of the board) but that is mostly personal preference. Some good brands to look out for are: Girl, Flip, Chocolate, Enjoi, Almost, Zoo York and many more, the boards have very little difference in strength and weight it all depends on which graphics you like and which skaters you like.

    Trucks: To be honest trucks do not matter that much, just get any respected brand like Thunder, Krux, Independant, Royal or any of the ones you mentioned and you will be fine. one thing to mention is lower trucks will help with speed and are easier to land tricks and high trucks are better for tranny skating but again it is mostly personal preference. You can always add risers to your trucks if they are too low to make them higher.

    Wheels: Wheels range in softness from 80a (softness) to 110a (hardest). Soft wheels are much better for cruising and aren't 'bumpy' when you skate rough terrain, they grip much better so you can go faster but hard wheels allow you to powerslide which makes it easier to land tranny tricks (and street tricks for that matter) as you can slide out of rotations and allow you to powerslide which is useful and looks ultra badass. You can get different sizes of wheels too but 54mm are around average and is what I would recommend. Some reliable brands are: Spitfire, Hubba, Momentum and autobahn.

    Bearings: Bearings use an ABEC rating (although not all do) basically ABEC 1s are quite slow but very reliable while ABEC 9s are VERY fast but break really quickly. Most skaters use ABEC 7s. I recommend: Spitfire burners, Bones reds

    Hardware: The bolts that hold everything together, make sure they are long enough. Coloured bolts are in season at the moment!

    Griptape: Doesn't really matter just don't get coloured grip rn some with graphics on just get the plain black stuff. People say the best brands are: MOB and Jessup

    That's about it, as I say just go to your local skate shop and ask the staff whom I'm sure will be really friendly and give you a hand. In the mean time look through some brands on here:

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    What size shoe are you? This can be a big factor in choosing the right board. I'm a (UK) size 12, and therefore my perfect board size is 8. I'd say 7.5 is ideal for beginners. It's all I used to skate, and eventually you will outgrow it as your tricks get higher and more technical. You will know when it's time for a 7.6 because you'll go throw a stage of snapping lots of 7.5s. They are great for flip tricks, and the basics so yeah. For risers, go Independent. They're perfect. For bearings I'd say Bones reds. Bearings have an 'Abec' rating- that is how fast they spin. Beginners should get no more than an Abec 3, which is what Bones reds are. Many kids seem to think the higher the Abec, the better they will skate. It's not the case. If you're unconfident, Abec 7s will cause you lots of injuries. I've had my Reds 2.5 years and they still zoom. From your truck list definately go for Destructo. Steer clear of Royal and Independent, they are very prone to Kingpin snaps. Other good choices are Venture and Thunder. Your first deck is something which really comes down to personal preference. Some people may recommend 'Flip'- I listened to someone who told me that and snapped mine the day I got it on a fakie heelflip. I thought it may have been a bad model, so had another Flip about a year later, and snapped it on a hardflip within a week. But hey, others have lasted them months. As a beginner, your first board should last you a while, so I'd say go for a Blind 9 lives deck. They have 9 pieces of ply wood instead of 7, and mine lasted so long that it was too small to skate. Hope that helped, and enjoy yourself!

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