England, United Kingom, Britain?? The Difference?

What is the difference between England, the United Kingdom and Great Britain??

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    It's a question of sizes and nationalities.

    The largest and newest entity is the United Kingdom. The UK (or, technically, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is made up of the following nationalities:

    England, Scotland, (Wales) and Northern Ireland (and lesser Islands). The United Kingdom came into existence with the Acts of Union in 1801

    Great Britain is the earlier name of the formal union of the kingdoms of England (which had already absorbed Wales) and Scotland. It came into being with the Act of Union in 1707

    England is merely the largest nation on the Island of Britain, and before 1707 was a separate nation unto istelf.

    So, to sum up in reverse...

    Once upon a time there were four nations: England, Scotland Wales and Ireland.

    England (Under Edward I) conquered and absorbed Wales.

    In 1707, the kingdoms of England and Scotland joined to create "Great Britain."

    In 1801 the realms of Great Britain and Ireland were joined to create the United Kindom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    And since the loss of the Republic of Ireland in 1921 (minus the 6 counties of Northern Ireland), the name of the country has been The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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    United Kingdom, the UK or Britain are the common names for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    England is just the part of the United Kingdom, that borders Scotland to the north and Wales to the west.

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