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My dog doesn't want dry food anymore?

i used to feed her dry food but she doesn't want to eat it anymore.

so i give her canned dog foods now and she likes it

but it's expensive.

how do i make my dog eat her dry food again?


she's turning 12 months in june 14.

i'm feeding her vitality dry food but she doesn't want it anymore.

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    Tinned food doesn't normally have everything a dog needs in it. Look at the label - most are mainly water. So your dog needs a complete diet. If you pander to her, you are making a rod for your own back. By all means add a little tinned meat to her dry food, but don't give her that alone. I recommend you add a little warm water, just a little, to the dry food to soften it, and bring up the smell. And get her in for a dental (you don't say how old she is) because it could be she's feeling a problem with her teeth/gums and the dry food is hurting her to eat.

    In fact what you should be doing is making up the food as above, putting it down at her normal feed time, and if she doesn't eat up, pick it up after say 15 minutes and offering it to her at her next meal time. I know it's frustrating, but, provided you have eliminated a dental problem (important!), you just have to harden your heart. Cruel to be kind eh. Dogs don't normally starve themselves to the point of collapse.

    Add - Do NOT use boiling water to soften the kibble - that will destroy the vitamins etc. in the food. Always use warm water - it does the softening job just as well.

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    Get her on a feeding schedule if she isn't already. I feed my dog two times a day, morning and evening. At her first feeding put the dry food out. Give her 15-20 minutes to eat. If she doesn't eat in the amount of time you have given her, put the bowl up. Now she has to wait until her next feeding. Do the same thing at the next feeding. She will not starve herself, so don't give in by giving canned food or treats in between feedings. That will only teach her that if she doesn't eat, she will still get the good stuff. Once she is on a schedule, then you can start giving her treats. I actually use canned food as an occasional treat so that my dog doesn't get too used to the taste and start preferring that over dry. Good luck.

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    Most dogs prefer the canned food and decide they would rather have that. Just like with dogs who get fed "people food", they tend to not eat their dog food anymore. You can try softening his dry food to make it more like canned, but in the end, he has to learn to eat what you provide. And he will. Offer him the dry food and he'll eat it when he gets hungry. Just don't flip back n forth or offer him table scraps as that can make the process longer, more drawn out and difficult. A good quality dry food is best.

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    If your dog stopped eating suddenly, you should take her to the vet.

    Otherwise, mix the wet and the dry food and gradually wean her off of the wet food. She'll eat the dry food and that is what is best for her. What dry food are you using?

    ETA: I'm not familiar with Vitality. I recommend these brands:



    Blue Buffalo

    Taste of the Wild


    Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul


    They're high quality and will extend your pet's life.

    I would GRADUALLY switch brands and see how it does. Make sure you consult a vet first, please.

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    Boil some water and let the dog food sit in it and get soft. Or put some sort of sauce on the dry dog food, that might catch her interest.

    I feel ya, Canned dog food is expensive, I only feed it to my older dog who has teeth issues.

    Good luck!

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    Have you switched to a different dry food?

    Try mixing in a spoonful of canned dog food into her dry food.

    Or make "gravy" with her dry food. That's when you soak the kibble in water until it's soft. It enhances flavor. Or so I assume, because the smell becomes stronger.

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    Simply stop offering canned food. She WILL eat dry food if you let her get hungry (which may take up to a week). Dogs aren't made to eat 3 squares a day-it may take several days before she actually DOES get hungry enough to eat what you offer, but she WILL eat it if you have more willpower than your dog.

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    Why don't you try a home-cooked diet for him? Browned ground meat or boiled chicken, brown rice, some veggies. You can cook it up in larger amounts & keep in a covered container in the fridge or even freeze it. Take out his portion & warm in the microwave. Maybe sometimes add some egg or cottage cheese. Research on-line. There are lots of sites that have recipes & guidelines to help.

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    well if you get her dry food and some cheap canned meat and mix a little bit in with it but not allot so then she will have a mixture its just that shes getting bored of it and wants to be picky

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    Mixed them together and slowly add less and less wet food. Thats what I did with my dog when she was a pup.

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