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how can i learn java,c#,c,python.... own self...?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you do not want to do any courses, you are best off getting books or ebooks.

    What I would do is check out some courses that are offered at university or colleges, etc. Then check out what books they are using for the course.

    Then see of there are any ebooks for these books you have found. Then download these books and go from there. If there are no ebooks, find a bookshop that sells these books. Usually a university or college has a bookshop on their campus and will have the books as students will need to buy them.

    The reason to buy books that courses use is they probably contain the information you need to be able to learn the programming languages you want.

    Of course, you can learn all of these languages at the same time if you want.

    But your best bet is to attend a course, as you can get help from the teacher and other students if you are having difficulty understanding something. But if you cannot afford to do a course, do what I suggest above.

    Then you can learn what other people are learning and hopefully be able to understand it. You can find a lot of help on the internet for different things, but most sites assume that you have some understanding as to what the concepts of programming is and that. What I mean by this is the help on the internet may be more confusing to you.

    Your last resort would be to get some Dummies guides. But they will not help you in the long run, unless you have a copy of the books that the courses are using and you use the Dummies books to try to understand something. I do not give the Dummies books much rating, as they will not give you things that you should really know about.

    Also, you should learn about algorithms, and data structures as these are just as important as learning a programming language. if you do not know about algorithms, you may be doing some code in a very inefficient way. By this I mean, you could be using more computer cycles than necessary, or you could spend more time than necessary to program something.

    For data structures, this helps you decide what type of data structure is best used for different situations. Again, you may use more computer cycles, or more time, than is needed.

    So don't only learn about the languages, also learn about algorithms and data structures. A basic understanding of these will help you with the languages. Most languages use the same algorithms and data structures, although they may be slightly different since the languages are different.

    Good luck with it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Learning programming is not a bad habit but getting into too many programming may be confusing.

    It is best to learn C as it is the basis of most languages. The concept you gain in C(and C++) helps in other language too with subtle differences.

    After that, make sure that you choose the path for your profession. If you like to learn as amateur, you can look for the e-books(I recommend buying a book) for all languages. But sticking into good language like Java, C# can be fruitful in the future.

    As for me, I know many programming languages but I rarely use all. The saddest thing is that I have left the world of programming long ago.

    Use the books in the school library if you don't have any and make sure you read it well. If you have computer, use the e-books. Buying books are the good way to learn yourself. But you may not understand many things and you can take help of the teachers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First: Video Lessons

    For Java you can get Java Learning DVDs from Sun or Oracle (it's great)

    For C# you can get it From ( you can subscribe for 50$ per year or (100$)per year (this site will provide you with a great learning resources for Microsoft technology)

    for C you can get it from (

    For Python you can get it from (

    Second: Books

    I strongly Recommend this web site (

    Note: some off previous resources provide other good lessons

    But you must Love the programming because it's not easy.

    I hope it's useful

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all don't run behind so many languages. Most basic language is C and u should start with it and then u can go for java or c++. For C u may refer Let Us C by Yashwant Kanethkar but i recommend u to take help of a programmer in starting and then u can do it by urself.

    Keep Practicing lots of program

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  • 4 years ago

    We know the truth but ignore it for some reason. Oprah has done shows about this & tells people about it all the time...when I was a kid I was very intutive but that was not something people talked about. So I have been throgh different stages & I know what it is like to not listen to my intuition....I found when my kids were teens that even though I wanted to trust my logic it was not good enough. I could smell a rat. They always told me everyone was great but if I knew something was up I would find out. I didn't read the paper back then & I once found out I was so right about someone when his own mother told me all about him & how he was in the paper everyday....Once my son smoked a cigeretter & the next day I asked if he started smoking again & he was shocked cause he had done just that. He wondered why someone 30 miles away saw him smoking & told me. I told him I was sitting at my desk & my lungs started to feel like they had cigerette smoke & I could taste it, etc. We used to tell each other about a dream & we had the same one. So there are many ways the spirit world communicates to us.....When I started my handyman business I had somoene who decided he was not going to pay us & later I knew we felt uncomfortable....So as time went on & we had some good things happen but again a few more times had people not pay we learned that we knew when we should just say no to certain people. So know I can feel it when I get a bad customer. I can feel a bad place. We don't feel good. That is how we can tell if something is good or bad...If someone is lying to you all you have to do is say "I know the truth is now revealed to me". Be prepared though....If a person is doing something illigal you might want to add that the truth is revealed to you in a discret way or a way that benefits all concerned. I have a friend who had a neighbor quit talking to her & she never understood why. I told her she could do this to have it revealed. Then I told her I could ask & then tell her what comes to me. Well, I forgot I told her that but soon after this her husband started putting me down because of my spiritual beliefs. Then he started putting down somone I care about b/c the person is dating a person of another race. The secound thing was the thing that made me not even care if I saw his wife anymore if it meant I didn't have to see him. So I know the neighbor who quit talking to my friend stopped b/c her husband did something....but somethings are more solid in their proof...You can ask for answers to any kind of question & it will come to you. You may get the answer right away. You might see a movie or read a book, etc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    u cant learn all these language continuously..........

    if u eant to learn so start fro C language with the help of book Let us C by yashwant kanetker

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