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Could anyone tell me :

How FARMING activities lead to FLOODING???

plz give me some details!!!!!(point form is acceptable)

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    The impact of floods on agriculture

    1) The flood would directly damage crops and affect the production

    2) the flood will destroy the transport system, so that agricultural products can not be shipped to the point of sale

    3) The flood will destroy the water system so that future irrigation of the affected4) The floods usually epidemic, so agricultural output delay

    5) the flood of population decline, reduced demand for agricultural

    the primary effect:

    Die due to drowningdestroy most of the structure.

    The Secondary effect:

    Clean drinking water become scarce.

    spread of water-borne will diseases.

    The tertiary effect:

    Economic problems

    Case study of flooding:

    Instantaneous(突如其來) rainfall or cumulative(累計) rainfall, more river discharge capacity(放電容量) .

    Available(可用) to reduce the volume of detention basin.

    The rivers, neglect of dredging(忽視疏浚).

    Celestial body's gravity(天體的引力), caused by the tide(浪潮), neap tide(小潮), earthquake or tsunami

    Global warming caused by greenhouse effect(溫室效 應)

    Overexploited (過度開發)and deforestation(砍伐森林)

    There are some methods to solve the floods:

    1.Increase the volume of the lake near the river (it can control the flow of the river)

    2.Build Dam(水壩) and Artificial lake (人工湖)

    (to protect the land near the river )

    3.Increase the speed of the discharge (流量) of the river

    4.Plant some trees on the upstream of the river (to grab the land and don’t let the sludge impulse to the downstream)

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    I wrote!

    Instantaneous rainfall or cumulative rainfall, more river discharge capacity .

    Available to reduce the volume of detention basin.

    The rivers, neglect of dredging.

    Celestial body's gravity, caused by the tide, neap tide, earthquake or tsunami

    Global warming caused by greenhouse effect

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    Overexploited and deforestation

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    isn't it is the answer of your question?

    If no, I can think more about it.

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    Thanks for 卐地球人卐's answer!!!

    But sorry to say that your answer is not related to my quetion!!! My quetion is how farming activities causes flooding , but not the impacts of flooding on farming activites!!!

    Anyway, thanks for your answering.

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