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請問 "世水長流" 英文點寫? Thx!

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    細水長流 = economize to avoid running short



    2010-06-17 16:32:52 補充:

    Slowly but surely 的意思是穩步地,堅定不移地。

    slowly but surely 好似指 「穩紮穩打」/ 「穩打穩紮」比較適合呢!

    2010-06-17 22:54:45 補充:

    Yes, if it says that something is happening slowly but surely, it means that it is happening gradually but it is definitely happening. (from Collins COBUILD)

    但又好似和"細水長流" 冇關係~~~

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    (2) 節約使用財物,才能長久不缺。(economize to avoid running short) 如:「即使富有的人,也要懂得節儉,才能細水長流,不虞匱乏。」

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    “slowly but surely, that's how to win a race”。


    2010-06-17 23:19:33 補充:

    我覺得"slowly but surely" 用"穩打穩紮" 比較適合是因為"穩打穩紮" 的釋義是"穩健切實,逐步進行"。 而用"slow and steady"是更加適合和準確呀。

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  • 10 years ago

    Long Flowing Stream

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  • Jc
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    10 years ago

    字面(lit) small streams flow long.

    water that flows out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust


    A bit at a time.

    Little by little and bit by bit

    Economize and one will not go broke.

    Persevere and one will succeed.

    Source(s): 漢英對照成語詞典; 林語堂漢英詞典
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  • Jenkin
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    10 years ago


    A steady and constant flow "of love".

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  • 10 years ago

    Water that flows slowly can last the longest time.

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  • 10 years ago

    World Flows

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