Is The Hockaday School a good school?

Some people I know don't know anything about it (they only know about boarding schools like Andover, Exeter, Choate, Milton, Lawrenceville, etc.) but my parents (and other parents of people who applied to boarding schools) say that it's a great school. However, people that don't know about it think it's a random school in the middle of Texas (since most of the ones they know about are in New England) and they think if I go there, I'll be a lesbian (though I'm not). Can you give me some reasons why it's a good school so that I can tell those people why it's not some random school in the middle of nowhere?

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    At The Hockaday School, more than 1,000 students of diverse backgrounds and cultures have the opportunity to realize their full potential and to be inspired to live the brilliant lives that await them. Hockaday is an independent, college preparatory day and boarding school for girls. From Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, we prepare bright and engaging girls to define their place in the world. Ranked among the country’s finest college preparatory schools, Hockaday was founded almost a century ago and continues today to build on its original Four Cornerstones: Character, Courtesy, Scholarship and Athletics.

    Hockaday offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum with Advanced Placement courses, honors courses, interdisciplinary program, and co-curricular classes with St. Mark's School of Texas, a boys' school in Dallas. Hockaday has more national merit finalists than any other girls’ school in the nation, and traditionally, 100 percent of graduating seniors are accepted to prestigious colleges and universities. In the Class of 2009, there were:

    * 13 National Merit Finalists

    * 14 National Merit Semifinalists

    * 24 National Merit Commendees

    * 2 National Achievement Scholars

    * 1 National Achievement Outstanding Participant

    * 5 National Hispanic Recognition Scholars

    * 2 National Hispanic Honorable Mention Finalists

    The faculty consists of 118 full-time teachers and 13 part-time teachers, of whom 68 have a Master's degree, and nine hold Doctoral degrees. The average tenure of our faculty is 11 years.

    To learn more about how Hockaday inspires bright girls to lead brilliant lives, visit The Hockaday School Web site at

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