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How come Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back wasn't nominated 4 Best Picture?

Happy 30th Empire Strikes Back!

Anyways, I know Star Wars was, at it's time, the number one Movie in the box office! It even got an Oscar nomination for Best Picture! Three years later, the sequel came out. It was called, GOSH! DO I EVEN HAVE TO TELL YOU!?!?!?! And it was declared "better than the original". I agree completely! But it didn't even get nominated for Best Picture! Nor did it do better than the first one in the Box-office! Why? Why wasn't it nominated for best picture? I know it probably didn't do so well in the Box-office was because it people didn't expect much from it. If it wasn't that, then why?

ps Why was it called "The Empire Strikes Back"?

pss Which is better: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back or Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan?

psss May the Force Be With You...

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    Not that it matters much but I wish I knew how old your are ... some of the way you phrase things points to you not being here for the OT in its "glory days" from 77 - 83. I'm not saying this in a bad way but it is VERY obvious that your knowledge of SW is limited.

    As has been said, Sci-Fi movies very rarely get a best picture nomination. Sci-Fi movies get the nomination in visual effects, music ... etc. but rarely best picture.

    Who declared it "better than the original"? the fans ... since when does Hollywood listen to the "fans". Yes, many fans think that ep V was the best of the OT ... myself I personally liked ep VI the best of the OT ... it comes down to, as it always does with SW, "a certain point of view".

    The truth is that Ep V was the lowest grossing of the 6 Star Wars movies ... yet fans say it was the best of them ... if you can figure that out then you're ahead of me on that. I can offer a couple of my thoughts on it ... first, the movie was the "darkest" of the OT which usually happens in the middle "act" of any story. Second, many of the "secrets" revealed in the movie were leaked before the movie came out. Third, the 5 words said by Darth Vader to Luke at the end of their duel absolutely STUNNED SW fans ... It turned everything we thought we knew upside down. Other than that it's always been a mystery to me as to why it's the lowest grossing of the 6 films.

    Why was it called "The Empire Strikes Back" ... here is where your lack of knowledge about SW really shows. The SW story is a straight line story meaning that it builds on itself. In ep IV the Rebellion took out the Death Star ... kind of a crushing defeat for the Empire. After a crushing defeat what do you want to do ... Strike back with all your might ... that's why it was called that. The Empire got their big new "toy" destroyed in ep VI so it's only natural for the Empire to want to Strike Back. Get it??

    SW vs ST are always questions that have no answer other than the opinion of the fans of both series. Personally I like SW better than ST but I'm a ST fan also. In my opinion the only one of the ST movies that comes even remotely close to being as good as any of the SW movies is the most recent one ... box office numbers will back that up big time.

    As it stands now Star Wars Ep IV is the 4th highest grossing film of all time ... all 6 of the SW films are in the top 35 of the highest grossing films of all time. It's only proper that the top of the list for highest grossing films of all time includes the names from 4 guys who were in film school at the same time and were best of friends ... Lucas, Cameron, Spielberg, Coppola. There's some heavy duty talent right there.

    In the end trying to put any kind of "reality" to the Star Wars saga is impossible. It came along at a time when the public was yearning for something new and it gave it to them ... along with changing the movie industry forever.

    May The Force Be With You ...


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    Science fiction movies rarely get nominated for any kind of Oscar, well maybe special effects. The original Star Wars, A New Hope Episode 4 is one of the few ever to be nominated for an Oscar. The reason it got the nomination was because at the time it was radically different than anything that had come before it. And note that George Lucas has never been nominated for a best director either.

    A Voyage Home is better than Wrath of Khan. but those two and The search for Spock is kind of the Star Trek trilogy

    Live Long and Prosper..

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    The first one was groundbreaking in terms of space fantasy genre and visual effects...thus it was nominated. Empire Strikes Back was not as BIG because now space fantasy had been done. It probably wasn't nominated because of the crap romance script and acting :P

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    Very rarely (or maybe never) will you see a sci fi film nominated for best pic, as they are usually targeted at a specific audience mostly teens and early 20's, its not really based on ticket sales

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    well its not really based on if the movie is the best but if its got the best in this category. example is some movie could have the best visual graphics but be a very bad movie. it will win in that category.

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