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where did you get most of your favorite names?

here are mine:

Hayden- as in Hayden Christensen (yes, darth vader.... i know many of you will ask)

Kylan- found on a most popular name site it was like 982 in the charts

Joel- Jon and Kate plus 8

Brighton- the nanny

Ewan- Ewan McGregor

Josie- 19 kids and counting

Millie- the movie "Jumper"

Lilith- the movie "Awake"

Lydia- here, someone mentioned it

Aubrey- a girl that i used to babysit

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    I like mostly bible names, especially for boys, so they have a good role model to look up to (Daniel, Benjamin, Seth, and James are my favorite boys; Rachel, Rebecca and Leah are a few of my favorite girl names).

    I also like names that come from good books, again with characters to be good role models- Laura from the Little House books, Sophie from The Adventures of Sophie by Dick King-Smith, Seth from Fablehaven (though he's not the best rolemodel in the beginning).

    In general I prefer traditional and slightly old fashioned names. I also like somewhat cute names or nicknames, like Molly, Heidi, and Callie for girls and Benji, Dane, and Nat for boy nns.

    I prefer to choose family middle names, both because I like my family's names and because I want my children to know, love and respect those whose names they bare.

    Interesting question.

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    Alexandra Marie: Alexandra, the last Tsarina of Russia. Marie, one of the last Grand Duchesses of Russia.

    Tatiana Belle: Tatiana, one of the last Grand Duchesses of Russia. Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

    Anastasia Victoria: Anastasia, one of the last Grand Duchesses of Russia. Victoria, Queen Victoria of England.

    Elizabeth Odette: Queen Elizabeth I. Princess Odette from The Swan Princess (movie).

    Ava Rose: I first heard the name Ava when I watched a movie with Ava Gardner in it. I liked Rose when I heard the name Briar Rose on Sleeping Beauty.

    William Heath: I've always loved the name William (Will). It was my grandfather's name and it's my brother's middle name. And I loved Will in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Henry Thomas: I first started liking the name Henry when reading about King Henry VIII. I read about a few Thomases during that time period as well.

    Nicholas Alexander: Tsar Nicholas II of Russia (last Tsar of Russia). I always liked Alexander, but I also liked the name of Tsar Nicholas' son, Tsarevich Alexei.

    Jack Dawson/River/Matthew: I can't decide which middle name I like the most. I first started liking Jack Dawson when I watched Titanic (my favorite movie). I like the name River and first heard that from the actor River Phoenix. I started liking the name Matthew when I was watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie last week and there was a mute boy named Matthew who I found attractive and I liked the name.

    I pretty much get most of the names I like from movies and famous people. I like most of the Disney princess names too: Ella (Cinderella), Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine. I like some of the Disney prince names: Eric, Phillip.

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    lauren: girl i went to high school with back in the 80's always loved the name

    madeline: salesgirl at a store long ago before the name was even in the top 100

    natalie: liked it since the times of natalie wood

    ava: ava gardner, i loved this name when it was pretty much unheard of lol

    olivia: newton-john back in the movie grease

    brianna: actually my friend back in the early 90's was gonna use this if she had a girl didn't hear of it til then

    jason: loved it since the 70s lol

    nicholas: knew guys with this name

    matthew: ex bf brothers name from long ago

    daniel: elton john song

    anthony: family name

    alexander: the great

    thomas: friend of family long ago, plus bible and other people i know

    brandon: 90210

    dylan: 90210 again lol

    andrew: friend who died =(*

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    I have a thing for A names... Haha I'm one of those people who has planned my future family already.

    But here are the ones I love!

    Adam (I don't remember where I got it but I just feel in love with it and I want a little Adam so bad)

    Austin (Knew an Austin and I like the name)

    Aubree (I just love it)

    Thats the ones I want for my future kids (if it works out that way ;) )

    These are just other ones I like






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    Greenlee- from All My Children

    Sage- General Hospital

    Kathleen- the Book Fall on Your Knees

    Jasper -Twilight

    Presley- Elvis Presley

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    For women I am massive on names which might be girly, and feature lovely nicknames. I have a tendency to love extra antique names paired with a extra ultra-modern title. Girls Lillian Faith Lilia Faith Allison Taylor Evelyn Claire Annabelle Taylor For boys I like names that lead to -n for a few intent. I like names that don't seem to be too normal for a primary title, and extra normal core names, I like extra loved ones ties with boy names for a few intent. Boys: Tristan Riley Sebastian Connor Austin Jacob Landon Alexander Gavin Davis You have relatively well style. I like plenty of your names. Noah Jacob was on my record, I adore it however my husband does not consider it is masculine ample.

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    Giuliana- Giuliana Rancic (show on E! Giuliana & Bill ) Looked it up realized it was the Italian way of spelling Juliana.

    Alexis-Jon & Kate plus eight plus a number of other people named that. Popular name but still one of my favorite's.

    Lia-baby name website

    Malia-baby name website. lol i didn't even know president's Obama's daughter was named that till recently.

    Adalyn-baby name website

    Abri-baby name website

    Stella- Tori & Dean on Oxygen (their little girl is stella)

    Abriana-baby name website

    Alessandra-baby name website

    Alivia-yahoo answers lol never liked Olivia, but fell in love with this!

    Brennan-baby name website.

    Ryder-a girl i know named her kid that/my husband's favorite name

    Kaden-not really sure where i first heard this name.


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    Anastasia Brooklyne- anastasia from the movie and randonly picked out brooklyne

    Malakai- a prophet from the bible dont have a middle name

    Dominic-the movie Kindergarten Cop also dont have a middle name yet

  • I really like Joel & Josie :-)

    Mason Cade - Mason, me and my boyfriend talked about when we started talking about our future (before pregnancy) that we both liked. Cade is my boyfriend's mom's surname. His mom died a a little of a year ago and she was one of the sweetest people I ever met, and my boyfriend was a momma's boy. It was a depressing time for the both of us, she was a mom to everyone. So it's in honor of her. rip</3

    Bentley Cale - Bentley has meaning. Bennett is my boyfriends grandfather's name. Bennett plus my last name makes Bentley. Cale is my grandpa's name who is like my best friend. He's my hero. We are both extremley close to the both of them so it's honoring them.

    Leighton McKenna - Leighton I heard recently and we both fell in love with it, and McKenna was just a name we always liked.

    Gemma Eloise - My grandma's name was Eleanor and my boyfriends grandma's name was Louise. Eleanor + Louise = Eloise.

    answer my q?;_ylt=AtIk7...

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    Rue- the book The Hunger Games-its awsome you should read it

    Siri- like Sirius Black from HP

    Eris- Goddes of chaos

    Milo- Atlantis the lost empire movie

    Lillith- it's my middle name and i really like it

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