Amazon Kindle or iPod Touch?

Okay, so I'm going on a long trip soon and I can't take my computer with me, and up until recently I was planning to buy an Amazon Kindle. That is, until my sister bought an iPod touch, and now I really am considering dumping the whole Kindle idea, especially since there's a Kindle app for the iPod touch. So, what should I buy? Please help! I have to decide in the next 2 or 3 days!

PS: PLEASE give me some reasons why I should buy the one thing and not the other.

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    10 years ago
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    If it is for reading, I don't recommend to read on device like iPod Touch or iPhone. The screen is small and backlit, and they are not designed for reading. It will even hurt our eyes if we read on such device for long term. The Kindle, on the other hand, uses eInk that simulate actual books and will not hurt our eyes even for long hours of reading.

    There is an article talking about Kindle compared to iPhone (it is the same case for iPod Touch) here:

    And I also recommend you to read this review from a top reviewer who is also a book lover:

    Hope this helps.

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    Well this isnt really a good comparison, The ipod touch is a pmp (personal media player), now this will provide entertainment via music, movies/videos, games and other little trinkets

    Amazon Kindle is a dedicated reader, now the advantage of the kindle is that the technology that made it allows the screen to be paper like, it wont strain your eyes like a small screen would. it is actually pretty good for reading literature.

    Now the choice is made between whether or not you want to read or if you want to do everything else but really read.

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    The ipod touch I love mines and don't know what I'd do without it. Please get a 16gb for the both of us because my 8gb is almost full and I'm about to go crazy if I don't get a new one lol. And if it already has an app for kindle then thats just two in one.

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    10 years ago

    Kindle is sure a worth buying. Wireless is a unique feature I will say and that's make really value for money. 3G wireless and global coverage, I personally travel a lot and really worthy for me. You can have any newspaper at any place and also they are cheaper. The best selling value for the Kindle is convenience for the travel, it’s pretty handy and easy to carry anywhere with you. The other important thing matters to me are speedy for downloading books and reading material. Also it allow around average size of 1500 books and reading material to store, so is a significant amount of storage space to bring with you. In one line I can say “you are carrying your book shelf with you”.

    Also one of the other feature of Kindle is it’s E-INK screen technology that don’t glare in any light so no strain to eyes and you can read for hours.

    Also you save a lot in compare to the actual books, the books on kindle are really cheaper so I have saved a lot till now. Also there are plenty of books on kindle to choose. Also it has so good features such as Text-To-Speech which is really useful when you get bored or doing some other activity.

    Amazon Kindle Home for more info,

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    10 years ago

    you must get an ipod touch!!!! you can play games and music and movies and its sooooo much better than kindle! get a 3rd generation ipod touch! they come in 32 and 64 gigabytes, and when iphone OS 4 comes out this summer, you can do tons of cool stuff like multitasking. but u can only multitask if you get the 3rd gen, so i recommend a 32 gb 3rd generation ipod touch! buy it from, cause thats ur best price; thats where i got mine. also, kindles are big and ugly, but ipods are small and secksy!

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    5 years ago

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