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How to install Microsoft office on USB stick?

I got an Office 2003 CD and want to install on my 3 computers-home computer, office computer and a laptop. Two of them are without CD/DVD drive and I do not plan to buy one. Any idea for me to install this ms office on the USB stick (4GB space) so that I could use on other computers without CD/DVD drive?


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    Hi, first of all, you could not just copy your programs to other computer. It not works because when the software installed in your PC, it also stored some info into your machine registry and others which could not moved and copy.

    So for your situation, you shall have a virtual operation system, also called portable launcher which helps you take your software on USB storage. Here is the step by step guide:

    1. Insert your Kingston drive to your PC.

    2. Install Prayaya V3 (link attach below)-a virtual operation system - on your Kingston.

    3. Login V3 virtual operation system and install your must have software just the same installation process as you install in MS Windows.

    4. After the software installation is completed. Exit V3 and pull out your Kingston memory stick.

    5. When you want to use the software, just connect your Kingston to any PC USB port to run it.

    Source(s): Prayaya V3 download: (6MB Size)
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    In general, you can't. Copying programs to memory sticks (or CDs or whatever else), usually will not enable them to be installed or run on another machine.

    First, it's very difficult to find all the visible pieces of complex software applications. They're sometimes in directories other than the application's main one (the C:\Windows directory, for instance). Sometimes they're even dependent on other things already on the machine (the correct version of DirectX, for instance).

    Second, application installs often store critical bits of information in a huge system file called the Registry. It's usually not possible to pull out all the pieces you need, and it is impossible to copy the Registry from one machine to another without wrecking the second machine.


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    10 years ago

    You cannot install it on the USB stick, but you can put the installation files from the CD onto the stick and install from the USB stick.

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    There's a way to get the .exe download file on to a USB but that's assuming you have keygens and/or valid codes. You will have to install the program each time with the USB drive.

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