Turkey vs. Israel - all out war?

the recent news headlines got me thinking, if Turkey got into an all out war with Israel, who would win?

Lets put it in a scenario where its just 1 on 1, who would win?

also in another paragraph, say your thoughts on who would win if they both had there Allys fight with them?

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    Turkey will demolish israel. The isrealis and pro-israelis/republicans think they really did it with the yom kappur as they noted thier pilots as aces when they only destroyed enemy jets that havent even taken off the ground. First off, The Turkish navy is pretty much the largest on the medeterranean, Second, their the largest standing troops of a NATO nation practically 1/5th the entire population of israel, Third, their airforce is one of the largest with up to date tech of the world, oh and then you have to also worry about land invasion..... dont forget about that... by the way... you dont think turkey has nukes aswell? ... remember the cuban missle crisis? Turkey was the closest US ally nation to RUssia.... haha.... Those are some people i dont wanna mess with.... they'll take over in less than a week... 4 days for full invasion and 3 days for setting up doner kebab stands in all of israel.

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  • 7 years ago

    israel already killed 9 turks, and made them look like bitches, turkey only talk, we are nato we are nato, your dog of nato, turkey by it self is nothing trust me they hide behind the fact that 2th biggest army while in reality they cant even beat pkk, i dont like israel or turkey, i think israel will kick the crap out of turkey, that doesnt mean israel is strong but turkey is just nothing

  • 5 years ago

    For one, Israel would have a hard *** time beating Turkey's navy. But, if it somehow beat the Turkish Navy (Unlikely) and if the U.S.A. supported Israel(Unlikely) then Israel would have the Naval Advantage, and would send a beach invasion, like D-Day, as Turkey would have very well defences set up. When it comes to Army Force, Turkey Win. No questions asked. But when it comes to technological advance, Israel Wins. For 1, they have the 3rd best tank in the world, behind the US Abrams and German Leopard. While Turkey has the Altay. If it comes to Air Force, they are equaly matched. All in all, if both countrys were on the brink of collapse, we could see a Nuclear Strike by both sides.

  • fast
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    4 years ago

    some realism themes top right here.. a million) Israel and Iran on an same ingredient? unlikely to take place. 2) South Korea, Japan and Israel are all American allies. 3) India is IN ASIA.. so them becoming a member of a conflict to stay removed from asian dominance seems particularly unlikely. 4) A uk-Russia conflict ought to effect in all of NATO getting into touch, besides as diverse allied international places like Australia. an extremely unlikely scenerio demonstrating a sprint undesirable draw close of geopolitical reality.

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  • Hugo
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    1 decade ago

    A land engagement would not be possible seeing as how either Turkish or Israeli armies would have to cross three separate countries to engage each other. There is no way that an Arab country would allow either a Jewish or Turkish soldier to set foot on their territory. Arabs have a history of enmity with both nations.

    Any conflict would devolve into a naval and air battle. It would be pick 'em.

  • 5 years ago

    Anyone who says Israel is an idiot. Sure with the help of the U.S army but without that there pretty much screwed.

  • 1 decade ago

    First of all there would be no war second you talking about a little state against a country (Turkey) that has the second largest military in nato and 4th largest in the world with a navy thats 2nd largest in euro-asia.. stop dreaming of this it will never happen maybe lebanon or syria against israel but get real it would be no way fair for a little 3rd world state going against a major power like turkey..

    4500 soldiers in the middle of the firing line have known how to create miracle. The sacrifices of the Turks will eternally remain in our minds." - Washington Tribune

    "The courageous battles of the Turkish Brigade have created a favorable effect on the whole United Nations Forces." - Time

    "The surprise of the Korean battles were not the Chinese but the Turks. It is impossible at this moment to find a word to describe the heroism which the Turks have shown in the battles." - Abent Post

    "The Turks have shown in Kunuri a heroism worthy of their glorious history. The Turks have gained the admiration of the whole world through their glorious fighting in the battles." - Figaro

    "The Turks who have been known throughout history by their courage and decency, have proved that they have kept these characteristics, in the war which the United Nations undertook in Korea." - Burner - U.S. Congressman

    "There is no one left who does not know that the Turks, our valuable allies, are hard warriors and that they have accomplished very great feats at the front." - Claude Pepper, U.S. Senator

    "I now understand that the vote I gave in favor of assistance to Turkey was the most fitting vote I gave in my life. Courage, bravery and heroism are the greatest virtues which will sooner or later conquer. In this matter, I know no nation superior to the Turks." - Rose - U.S. Senator

    "While the Turks were for a long time fighting against the enemy and dying, the British and Americans were withdrawing. The Turks, who were out of ammunition, affixed their bayonets and attacked the enemy and there ensued a terrible hand to hand combat. The Turks succeeded in withdrawing by continuous combat and by carrying their injured comrades on their backs. They paraded at Pyongyang with their heads held high." - G.G. Martin - British Lieutenant General

    "The Turkish forces have shown success above that expected in the battles they gave in Korea." - General Collings - Commander US Army

    "We owe the escape of thousands of United Nations troops out of a certain encirclement to the heroism of the Turkish soldiers. The Turkish soldiers in Korea have added a new and unforgettable page of honor to the customs and legends of heroism of the Turkish nation." - Emanuel Shinwell - U.K. Minister of Defense

    "The heroic soldiers of a heroic nation, you have saved the Eighth Army and the IX'th Army Crops from encirclement and the 2nd Division from destruction. I came here today to thank you on behalf of the United Nations Army." - General Walton H. Walker, Commander, Eighth Army

    "The Turks are the hero of heroes. There is no impossibility for the Turkish Brigade." - General Douglas MacArthur - United Nations Forces Commander in Chief

    "The military situation in Korea is being followed with concern by the whole American public. But in these concerned days, the heroism shown by the Turks has given hope to the American nation. It has inculeated them with courage. The American public fully appreciates the value of the services rendered by the Turkish Brigade and knows that because of them the Eighth American Army could withdraw without disarray. The American public understands that the United Nations Forces in Korea were saved from encirclement and from falling in to the hands of the communists by the heroism shown by the Turks." - 2

    December 1950, from the commentary of a US radio commentator The Turkish Brigade, as can be understood from the summary of the Kunuri battles and the echoes it produced in the world, had successfully accomplished its mission. The Brigade was proud to have informed the country of the news of success which the state and nation expected, at the highest level. A handful of soldiers had provided the state with power, great opportunities and esteem.

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    They won't so get over it. Besides, you are only about the 20th person to come up with this idea today. It gets old reading the same question every 10 minutes.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It will never happen.

    It's just hate and war in the middle east, business as usual.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Israel would beat everyone but france, britain, us, russia and china....they are some of the best if not the best warriors..everyone is in and they have A1 first class weapons, nukes, subs, fighters....they'd wipe the floor with anyone in the middle east and for the time being could take the entire middle east who wants them dead....its a scary world over there and i'm glad i'm not there...

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