how did Martin Luther King Jr influence many people?

im doing a project and i need a lot of details of how he influenced many people...plz help

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    Dr. Martin Luther King's influence over the lives of the American people cannot be assessed independently because his influence was coupled with a chain of influences beginning with a landmark case was heard by the Supreme Court of the United States. Brown v. The Board of Education in 1954. That led to the outlawing of separate but equal schools. One of the principle foundations of a segregated South began to weaken. Two years later, the struggle to bring Jim Crow segregation to an end took another step when the Montgomery Bus boycotts were launched by the actions on an unassuming woman by the name of Rosa Parks. The boycott lasted for 385 days. It was then that Dr. Martin Luther King's name came to the attention of all Americans of all races.

    For the next five years, King would alter the face of the Black Church. Beginning with the Montgomery Boycott, and continuing for another five years, King effected a virtual reversal of black religious life. Prior to Dr. King, the Black Church had grown increasingly conservative. Many Black ministers went on record in opposition to the launching of a campaign of civil disobedience to bring an end to Jim Crow segregation, and the National Baptist Convention, Inc., the principle Black Baptist group confronted the apathy against social change. Martin Luther King helped to make the black church and every American reject discrimination against other Americans of every race and color.

    He did so, by launching a revival that took place largely outside the institutional church. The agency for this revival were such para-church groups as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference which was formed in 1957. Groups such as this, drew in leadership from outside the Southern church, and became the center and focus for King's activities on behalf of civil rights. And yet, it was this para-church body and the civil rights movement it helped to engender that sparked a religious revival within the Black Church.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. tends to be stereotyped in one of two ways. He is painted as either being a saint or a black radical. But in reality, he was neither. King came from a long line of Baptist ministers. He attended Morehouse College, and received his seminary degree from Crozier Theological Seminary. When he received his Ph.D in the 50's from Boston University, he was one of the most educated black men in America.

    He also was the son of one of Atlanta's leading ministers, and his family was one of the most prominent black families in the South. He could have led peaceful and prosperous life. Instead

    Dr. King chose to lead a major social reform. He became involved in the civil rights struggle in 1955 with the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and under his leadership he helped bring together members of the African-American middle class and preachers to create a movement where he was at the forefront of for the remainder of his career.

    Dr. Martine Luther King Jr. faced almost constant criticism throughout his career. Much of it was very harsh indeed. There were innuendoes about his academic record. He was accused of plagiarism on his Ph.D. dissertation. Still, he persevered and succeeded. He was not weakened. He overcame with great odds against him. As a result, modern America will never be the same. His strategy of civil disobedience and his philosophy of non-violent resistance made him one of the most influential Americans to ever live.

    Get some pictures from the Stanford University site, and add them to your presenntations if you can. Good luck.

    Source(s): Lecture 25, Martin Luther King Jr.@ Stanford University,The Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute, @
    • I am doing a presentation on Martin Luther King Jr. and I need some info on how he influence people ASAP. I would be grateful, thank you.

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    Martin Luther King Jr Influence

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    im doing a project about Martin Luther King Jr. it would be nice if i can get some answers if you can kindly send it to i will be happy

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    What do you recommend via, "to date."? Martin Luther King is lifeless? yet to the question, his existence grow to be very much inspired via the Christian faith, the failings he believed. Which made him a stable individual. The Christian faith merely stimulated his clever it does to all individuals.

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