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Can testosterone replacement therapy be avoided?

Low Testosterone Running Out of Options WANT to avoid TRT

This is quite a bit of information but I will try to keep it brief.

21 year old, good shape, 6’2’’, 200 pounds, reasonable muscle tone

No history of steroid use – so I’m not trying to restart my system in this sense

Have had many testosterone tests, values ranged between:

290-397 in a ‘normal’ range of 330 to 850

Free Testosterone values:

(8, 8, 9, 11.5) in a ‘normal’ range of 9 to 25

LH values always low I believe a 3 or so in a normal range of 2 to 14

SHBG a level of 16 in a normal range of 13-70 (My doctor told me being low here was a good thing)


- Had varicocele since at least 14 or 15 on my left testicle

- March 4th surgery for varicocele in hopes that removing the (Grade III) varicocele could boost my testosterone levels. My doctor said if my testosterone values were to increase they would increase probably within 90 days. Through ultrasound the varicocele has been confirmed gone.

- I have had testosterone tests every month since the surgery, and well there has not been an increase yet (except for that freak 11.5 free value…then a month later went back down to 9).

- Over the last year or so I have developed near impotency…previously (16-19 years old) I did not have problems, and frankly this is one thing I can’t deal with. I will do anything to fix this problem.

(Quick Bull **** detector question: I had surgery on my left nut, but now my right nut hurts pretty bad, my doctor says that it is probably testicular growing pains—my right nut which didn’t have the varicocele is growing due to better blood circulation???? Possible or bs???)

I am desperate to avoid TRT but if it comes to it I would rather do it than be impotent. This problem has ruined by sex life and really hurt a serious relationship  that’s now over. I’m sure other guys can relate my confidence is gone and its so depressing.

I’m really confused on the possibility of options such as HCG, and clomid. Are they only temporary solutions to a higher testosterone level? Or could they give me a permanently higher testosterone level. Since I have not done steroids before, after taking these drugs would I definitely eventually just go back down to my ‘natural’ current level? How long can drugs like hcg and clomid be taken for? Are they dangerous,I heard with clomid guys can develop breasts. Can these drugs jump start a system even if it wasn’t shut down by steroids ever?

In short I’m getting near the end of the road, and will try any option that would avoid trt. Do I have any left?

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    I'm no expert on this but have done some homework. I looked at HRT myself and did try a cream for a while. It did work but was not impressive. For myself, I think psychology was playing a major part in my problem and I abandoned it.

    However I also looked into natural preparations that carried claims. There are many of them. The ones that showed degrees of success were, specifically Red Ginseng and a South American substance called Maca. I would suggest you try them.

    Ginseng is relatively easy to get as the Chinese use it a lot. For men it must be the variety known as Red. It comes in many forms from pills, it's raw state to a liquid preparation. The latter was my preference which I could get from any chinese store or traditional doctor. Do not expect instant results - it takes a little while to build up an effect. And I cannot make any observations as it it's permanence.

    Maca worked better for me. I got it from a specialist, dealing in health products (if you're in Britain, email me for information). It came in a powdered form which I suspended in water, (it doesn't dissolve). It is not a bad taste and I started with a teaspoon a day and raised it gradually to 2+. The reason it was working for me was that it raised my energy levels noticeably, as well as my libido. Whether the actual testosterone levels improved I cannot say. Nevertheless the raising of the libido can have a marked psychological effect and, don't forget, we are more sensitive creatures than we often give ourselves credit for. I came to believe that I was effectively reducing my testosterone levels by worrying about it. The more positive we are about ourselves, the better our bodies run.

    Hope I have been some help. Good luck.

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