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Sleeping bag recommendations?

I am looking for some thoughts on sleeping bag arrangments. I am going on a 6-day climbing trip in the Southern Talkeetnas (southcentral Alaska) at the end of June. We will be staying in a non-heated (but insulated) hut most nights, but possibly camping on a glacier for a night or two as well. I am debating the following options:

- 40deg North Face Scorpio bag (primaloft) with silk liner [1lb 12oz]

- two nested North Face Scorpio bags (I have two) [2lb 11oz]

- 15deg Marmot down bag [3lb 7oz]

I sleep relatively warm (I wear all my clothes and use hot water bottles if need be), but I dont like sleeping cold for a week straight.

Anyone have any experience with nesting two bags together? What system would you take?


Unofrtunately I can't buy a new bag right now, or I would go with the Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 15.

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    Nesting two sleeping bags is less efficient than using a bag rated for the temperature you are at. The two North Face bags will probably not keep you as warm as the Marmot by itself.

    Another option is to bring a North Face bag to layer with your Marmot.

    There really doesn't seem to be a whole lot of data concerning nesting bags together. Some of the inherent problems are compression of insulation, heat conduction and condensation.

    Putting one bag inside another you get the problem of not enough room for the interior bag to get enough loft to insulate well, but if you just open up the outer bag and just lay it on top, it's more likely to roll off or be drafty.

    The shell material can be a heat conductor, so this can cause issues. If the interior shell is exposed to cold air, it significantly reduces the insulation ability of the outer bag.

    With two bags of different materials, the selection of inner and outer bag can be rough. I've seen theories for both layering options (synthetic outer, down inner VS. down outer, synthetic inner). Mostly, it's trying to guess where the majority of your moisture is going to occur and which layer will trap the most heat. If you layer your two bags (a North Face and the Marmot), the down bag should definitely be on the interior as it's the warmer of the two.

  • I would buy the Sierra Designs Trade Winds 30 degree bag. It is down, but has a Drizone membrane which keeps moisture out in anything but a downpour. It is well made and reasonably light. has one for a reasonable 200 dollars. It is 170 without shipping and tax at I own one.

    If you want advice about gear, go to

    Alaskan summer nights dont get too cold in june. You will be fine with a 30.

    Source(s): Have been there, and done that.
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    I have not nested bags together, other than zipping 2 together for more room for 2, but I have used liners. I have a The North Face Snowshoe and I tried this one with it,

    I got too hot, so I pulled it out and used it for a pillow. My bag is a zero rated bag and didn't really need it. Perhaps with your Marmot and the liner you would have a good combination.

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