how can i paint a decent painting with poop (serious attempt at art)?

A) will it fall apart once it dries

B) can I make it sanitary somehow?

I am planning on using various types, including animals (horse for fibery grass texture, goat for the little dots, human for general coloring and background, more if I can find more)

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    According to articles on the subject you may have to dilute it to the proper consistency, and coat it with resin after it dries.

    Anton Henning

    German art lovers are turning up their noses at an abstract picture painted with the artist's own feces.

    The painting, on display at Frankfurt's Museum of Modern Art, depicts brown, egg-like shapes surrounded by an off-white line. It doesn't smell because it is coated with resin.

    The 35-year-old artist, Anton Henning, said he had eaten a large meal to give himself sufficient material for the painting.

    Henning guarantees that he did not need to dilute his feces in order to complete his oeuvre.

    "The colors are fantastic," countered another 50-year-old woman who viewed the painting. "I'd find a space for that in my home."

    Chris Ofili's poop painting of The Holy Virgin Mary

    Piero Manzoni

    Artist Piero Manzoni transmuted **** into gold nearly forty years ago. In 1961 he canned his own feces in 30-gram tins and labeled them "Merda d'artista" (artist's ****). The Italian artist, whose life came to an end two years later at the age of 29, made an edition of ninety pieces.

    As a critique of the art market, the cans were sold at the current price of gold. Ironically, Manzoni's art prank has risen in value over the years. At a Sotheby's auction in 1991, one of the cans sold for a m'mmm good $67,000. Apparently, like fine wine, **** ages well.

    Keith Boadwee

    Los Angeles artist Keith Boadwee is what we might call an "anal explosive" personality. While not strictly working with fecal matter, his stellar use of the anus as a painting tool qualifies him for this survey. Fueled by egg tempura paint enemas, Boadwee squatted over fifty canvases. His expulsions were shown in 1995 at Ace Contemporary Exhibitions in L.A., along with a video documenting the process. "I wanted to prove that I can make just as good a painting (as the abstract expressionists can) with my butthole," Boadwee told Buzz magazine.

    Source(s): Go to this link for info on art painted with blood, semen, poop, urine and boogers.;_ylt=Ar1RZ...
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    itll will break up when it dries (like playdoh) UNLESS you wrap saran wrap over your canvas to lock in the moisture.

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