liver cleanse / detox without a gallbladder?

I want to do a liver cleanse / detox (the one with epsom salt, then olive oil, apple juice every 2 hours etc), but had my gallbladder removed. Is this something I can still do without a gallbladder? It sounds like this process helps get rid of gallstones, but I thought there were only gallstones in the gallbladder, not in the liver too? please advise nurses or doctors!

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alice - nothing about livers on the site.

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    'Liver cleanses' and 'gallbladder flushes' are not advisable. Firstly, it's impossible to 'cleanse' or 'flush' the liver or the gallbladder with anything. Nothing that you swallow enters your gallbladder at any point in the digestive process, and by the time any nutrients from your drink reach your liver, they will not be in a form that have any cleansing effect. The process does not get rid of gallstones, and drinking oil is very, VERY stupid for someone who has gallstones as fatty foods aggravate the problem and can cause a lot of pain and inflammation.

    Also, no, gallstones are not present in the liver. They can pass from the gallbladder into the stomach (which tends to be very painful - trust me, I've experienced it) but not into the liver. There are no stones in your liver. If you want a healthy liver, drinking epsom salts, olive oil and apple juice is not going to help you in the slightest, and will simply make you feel ill and cause you to pass lumps of undigested solidified oil in your excrement (which people often mistake for 'stones' - hence the myth that this 'detox' flushes out gallstones).

    If you want a healthy liver, then eat healthily, don't consume too much saturated fat and only drink alcohol in moderation. It really is that simple. 'Liver cleansing' is a quack remedy that achieves nothing, and will likely make you feel nauseous and do you more harm than good.

    Think about it: if it was possible to cleanse the liver in this way, doctors would recommend it and health insurance companies would make do this cheap process rather than paying out for them to have bona fide medical treatment.

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    From my research I'm finding that a Liver Gallbladder Flush without a gallbladder can still be beneficial because bile stones form in the liver and pass into the gallbladder, therfore it would depend where they attached the connecting duct when they removed your gallbladder. Research more, there is a lot of information out there, before making your decision.

    The person who responded to you obviously has never done this protocol and having done it numerous times (I do have a gallbladder) I've passed hundreds of stones each time and always felt better. It's impossible for anyone who has not experienced what you are asking about to give you reliable information.

    If you are in a crisis mode many advise to not do a flush until it's abated, but obviously that doesn't apply to you. For those who are having problems I'm using "Stone Free" from Planetary Herbs (check reviews at Amazon) along with lots of apple juice to get things calmed down first and both items are helping. Then I will do my next flush, and make sure I do them more consistently in the future, or use "Stone Free" on a maintenance basis. It seems like "Stone Free" is sufficient onto itslef, but since I've always had great results with the flush I'm going to make sure they're all gone because some sites say to do flushes at 1-1/2 week intervals until you have cleaned out about 2,000 stones.

    When I told my doctor I was having gallbladder problems she sent me for an MRI I believe and it came back only showing 2 small stones. I did the flush and released hundreds of them. It does work, and everyone needs to trust themselves, and use their own good judgment. Good luck.

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    Gallbladder Detox

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    Our bodies contain the #1 tools essential to cleanse and detox. A liver and a pair of kidneys. The only and easiest way to cleanse and detox is to stop putting all the chemicals, additives and concentrates from a diet of processed and refined foods in our daily diet. Most drugs, alcohol, and food chemicals exit the body through normal processing and filtering by the liver and kidneys over a period of 3 to 4 days. A healthy diet of whole fresh foods is the key to "cleansing" and "detoxing". There is no miracle diet or product that will accelerate the process. Our bodies are designed starting with the teeth to consume whole solid foods. The stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines, and colon are all designed to work with solid foods, not highly concentrated juices. That is why we have teeth instead of blender blades in our mouths. Both soluble and insoluble fiber are part of a healthy diet. Juicing substantially reduces the value and effectiveness of insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber keeps the nutrients and toxic cellular waste dumped back into the lower small intestine moving through the digestive tract. This reduces the amount of time waste spends in the body and lowers toxicity. While juicing concentrates nutrients, it also concentrates natural sugars in fruits. Liquids are absorbed much quicker in the small intestines resulting in spiking of blood sugar and insulin levels in the blood. WIthout complex carbohydrates and large insoluble fibers in the digestive system to extend and slow the absorption process, insulin spikes occur too often. A simple example is giving a diabetic with low blood sugar a glass of juice. It enters the bloodstream quickly. Constant insulin spikes increase appetite stimulation. So you can end up drinking even more juice. The problem with any fast or cleanse is things will change when it ends. A healthy life diet of whole fresh foods including lean meats, eggs, fish, dairy, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables are the keys to health, proper weight, and overall wellness. Avoid as much processed and refined food as possible. Long I know but it is important to point out the change to a clean diet is the key yet we readily give the credit to the pill, potion, diet pill, detox, cleanse, or fad diet. Good luck and good health.

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