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I want a German Shepherd puppy plz help?

I want a german shepherd puppy but not from a mall or a store and i do not have a lot of money i have several other dogs they are very well behaved but my dream is to own a germen shepherd and that has not beem accomplished becuase every time i look for a puppy theres always some that are sick and are like 2.500 and i dont have that kind of money, is there germen shepherd puppies for sale at the puppy mills or something i would love to give a puppy a second chance. I say puppy because my parents will not allow an adult dog in our home (4 their own reasons) i personally wouldnt mind. But if you have answers i will be greatly thankful


okay i wasnt saying paying the puppy mill my cuz get puppys from there she dont pay for bcuz she works there she steals some and find homes from them i would never support those people i was juss asking a question to get some answer on wear i could get a puppy

Update 2:

i kno the breed i want ive done plenty of research and gotten my hands on triaing ability i am a apprentice of a animal trainer and ive trained all my dog and they behave amazingly i even have a cross breed (akita wolf mix)

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    i have 2 rescue german shepherds, a rescue collie and a pup, they are the best things ever and wouldn't hurt a fly.

    ours 2 gsd were 6 years old and collie 2 year old when we rescued them and the pup was 6weeks from a lady

    some rescues will give you background on a dog first

    i suppose with you having a pup you will know it much better than a rescue but a rescue you can give them a second chance :),

    if your adult dogs are allowed in would it actually make a difference if you bought an adult?

    here are my 3 rescues with our new pup :)

    here are the 3 rescue dogs again with our 20year old cat who sadly passed away a few days after the pic, our old gsd at the back, he was a pup when we had him, he passed away a few months after the pic aged 11.

    good luck with what ever age you get, they are lovely dogs :)

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    Your parents have good reason to not allow an adult dog in the home. You can never be sure of the dogs history. If you're not at least 14, don't get a male. Let me give you a few Don'ts and Dos in terms of dog ownership:


    1. Buy from any puppy mill or pet shop

    2. Don't buy/receive an adult dog


    1. Seek and heed the advice of your parents

    2. Read about the temperament of the breed and be honest with yourself about whether you can handle a large dog such as this.

    3. Read as many articles on dog behavior as you can.

    4. Visit the breeder so that you can determine if he treats his animals properly, paying special attention to cleanliness.

    5. Ask breeder for proof of medical health.

    6. Ask for guarantee of dogs health.

    7. Train any dog that you get.

    8. Be a responsible owner.

    9. You're a kid, so this dog is probably going to be your main man - follow you everywhere, sleep on the foot of your bed, sneak a snack from the table, etc... so get a dog that responds to you and that you can handle and will love, meaning... your dream dog and best friend might not be German Shepherd at all. :)

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    I assume when you say one from the puppy mills you mean one that has been rescued. ( at least i hope)

    Your best bet is to contact a german shepherd rescue. If you can settle for a mix you have a better chance of getting a puppy.

    Although, if your parents wont allow an adult dog in the house dont get a dog. wait till your on your own and can afford one. A puppy will be an adult when it is a year old. unless your getting it as a working dog (like on a farm or somthing) keeping the dog outside is just cruel.

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    I would look into German Shepherd dog rescues. Also, keep a check on your local animal shelter. Sometimes, purebreed dogs are placed or mixed with the type of breed you desire. It can be difficult locating a dog sometimes, but try to avoid puppymills. Its not worth it in the end, trust me. Your dog will only have a short life expectancy, troubled with behavioral issues, and health issues. Do your research on German shepherds. I have owned a few and they are active, intelligent, and protective dogs, without the proper discipline, exercise, and guidance you will have a VERY destructive animal. That is why I say do not get from a puppy mill, since you will probably make the situation worst by acquiring an unknown behavioral background of sire and dam.

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  • "germen shepherd puppies for sale at the puppy mills or something"

    Puppy mills means you are not giving a dog a second chance! You are supporting the puppy mill! Dogs straight from a puppy mill will be sick. They are also overpriced. The dogs you see at pet stores and mall that you claim are "sick and overpriced" those are the puppy mill dogs.

    "will not allow an adult dog in our home"

    All dogs grow up. What happens when your puppy does? I don't understand why you can't go down to the shelter and adopt an adult German Shepherd instead. The puppy will grow up anyways.

    ADD: I don't understand what your additional details said. I don't mean to sound rude, but could you please try to use proper English and not slang terms?

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    Even if you could buy "direct from the mill" that would be supporting said mill. Lots of puppy mill puppies end up in rescue so try finding a rescue. Remember that the cost of purchasing a dog, even if you pay $2000, is small beans compared to the cost of owning a dog, so make sure you can provide for it.

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    Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

    Look at and also look for rescues in your area.

    If your parents won't allow an adult dog, they'll of course make an exception for your puppy when it grows into an adult, right? That's generally how most of us do it.

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