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hodo i take the tsuba off my sword and replace it?

Ok so i bought a musashi practical sword on Ebay from sword n armory. Of course, the positive feedback of this company was 99.6%, so don't question the seller on this one. The point is that im not that interested in the tsuba (guard) that comes with the sword and wanted to replace it. so how do i remove the tsuba and replace it without damaging the sword?

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    If it's able to be taken apart then it will have two mekugi (bamboo pegs) in the tsuka. Just tap those out and you can slide the tsuka off. After you remove the mekugi, the tsuka may not slide right off. So hold the bottom of the tsuka with one hand and hit your wrist (NOT the sword) with your free hand.

    Actually, I was able to find a video on how to do it by Sword N Armory.


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    Sword N Armory

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    There is most likely a peg in the middle of the Tsuka. Pop the peg, and the Tsuka should slide off the tang.

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