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who thinks paul menard will win a race this year?

i think a nationwide race he will win this year.

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    I like Paul Menard, and I would love to see him win a race this season, but I just don't see it happening. Nationwide, maybe. Roush is arguably the strongest ford team in cup, so until they start competing for wins, I don't see any of the other ford teams competing for wins. I think Talladega or Daytona would be Menard's best bet to win a race this year.

    I definitely think Menard has the talent if he was in better equipment. None of the fords are really doing well right now, so you can't really blame any of the drivers for lack of talent. I think David Ragan is the only ford driver so it seems that really doesn't have the talent to win a cup race.

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    No. He sucks. Always have.

    I find it funny at the beginning of the season where Menard was high up in points, everyone thought he was good.

    He has never been good, never will be. He is a below average driver and only racing because of his dad.

    He could win a Nationwide race, but that is even unlikely unless all the Sprint guys gets wrecked out...

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I don't see him making the chase next year. Maybe 2012. RCR didn't do well as a 4 car team with a better driver than I think Menard is. Next year will probably be a set it up/shake out year, probably around 20th again. 2012 we may see if Menard is any threat. I think Menard is probably where he will always be, a mid standings driver.

  • Paul and AJ have both stepped up their game this year. Yeah, Paul's got Dad's money behind him, but he's got to have a bit of talent to be doing what he does at the level he does it. I say a Nationwide race is a definite possibility, and a Cup win could be too, they both just need to get some consistency and luck... and seeing as how they are most likely the new top dogs at RPM, it's time to shine :-)

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  • Anonymous
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    He does show talent occasionally, but like the first guy said, he doesn't have the equipment to match it up yet. He tends to drive aggressively a lot, and it puts a major strain on his car in the long run. I think that if he can calm down a little bit, he might be able get a top 5 in Nationwide. But I just can't see him winning right now.

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    Well Brad Kesselowski won at 'Dega last year on a part-time schedule and with an underfunded team so if he can win then so can Paul Menard.

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  • Sonata
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    Paul Menard has improved so much this year, it's great to see him do well, He may actually have a chance, if he keeps running like he did last week.

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    My boyfriend thinks Paul Menard will win two races. He also thinks i'm a babe.

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  • He made MSN foxsports 10 list of who's hot and who's not...and he was a HOT. So I am saying sure...he has a pretty decent chance of winning a race.

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    I don't know, with RPM giving Kasey crap to race with the good stuff has to go somewhere .Paul just might be able to pull it off .

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