Has there ever been a Christina Aguilera challenge on American Idol?

Like they had a Mariah Carey one and an Usher one.

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    I like the way you worded that haha, a challenge. It sure is a challenge for them to sing Mariah Carey's songs and Christina Aguilera's, too. It would be nice if they just stopped trying. They haven't done a Christina Aguilera night. They didn't do an Usher one either, he just mentored them for r&b week. They didn't have to sing any of his songs, whereas when Mariah was mentoring, they had to choose one of her songs. Oh, Mariah Carey week was a nightmare for me. Definitely the worst week I've had to endure from that show. There are certain artists I think people should just not bother trying to cover and she is one of them. I've never heard anyone do a worthwhile rendition of her songs besides herself.

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    No, there hasn't been any Christina Aguilera week/theme so far.

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