What exactly is a tenth prestige lobby?

it's in cod mw2

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  • 1 decade ago
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    frankly must agree with you, wasting your time on [Modern Warfare 2], spending hours just to ask people for tenth prestige lobbies do get annoying. - It annoys me most when you spend one hour in a "tenth prestige" lobby, then you finally give them the Microsoft points and you are ready to start the lobby, then they just coincidentally have to get off there Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. What annoys me even more is when you give them the Microsoft Points or head shots, then they just delete you off there friends list and leave the game because they really don't know how to do a tenth prestige lobby. I however, like to call these people: "cheapskates."

    Now you are wondering, "How do you do a tenth prestige lobby?" Well to day a tenth prestige lobby you must buy something called a 'J-tag Xbox.' (This does NOT work for PlayStation)

    To get a J-tag Xbox, I must warn you that they do get banned very easily and quick by Xbox LIVE. [creators] If you still are interested into buying a J-tag, well than you can easily buy one at either Amazon, or Ebay. (There might be a few other places who sell them but these are the best places who I know that sell them.)

    J-tagged (Modded) Xbox's are usually up to either $250-$500. (VERY expensive)

    Now if you are wondering why nobody sells free tenth prestige lobbies, it is because they pay about approximately $350 just to buy the Modded Xbox, than I highly doubt that then they would sell a free tenth prestige lobby just for all the troubles getting the Xbox.

    I have recently found out proof that most people selling tenth prestige lobby's are fake. The reason is because first of all, if you have a J-tag Xbox, it usually gives you all the challenges which is how you get the tenth prestige, so you basically get the tenth prestige AND the titles and emblems. So anyway, if they ask for head shots and they will give you tenth prestige for it, well than why would they need the head shots if the tenth lobby gives them to you? You want to know why? - Because they are lousy scammers.

    And if they ask for Microsoft Points for Tenth lobby, couldn't they just buy like 50 microsoft point cards instead of the $300 Modded Xbox. I mean like, why buy all that money for a hacked Xbox, then just ask people if they could give you Microsoft points? Besides, who the hell has a spare microsoft point card laying around?

    - I hope you understand here what I am trying to point out. Trust me, don't accept anybody if they say they are selling a tenth prestige lobby for microsoft points. Don't trust them!

    Because you will end up getting scammed.

  • 4 years ago

    pondering the certainty it incredibly is a contravention of the Microsoft ToU, and that it incredibly is rather unlawful, i might say you're much greater stupid for asking approximately this on line on a rather used internet site! Do you incredibly think of you will not get banned for this? you merely asked on a internet site, that tens of millions of purchasers bypass to daily! Please use worry-unfastened experience, and don't even worry with it!

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