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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 10 years ago

How can I show my sister that eating three meals a day plus healthy snacks are better than eating one big meal?

How can I show my sister that eating three meals a day plus healthy snacks are better than eating one large meal a day? My sister claims that she is eating healthy, but she skips breakfast and dinner, making lunch her one meal. Plus she often goes out to eat then. AND when she comes home she often grabs an over-sized portion of whatever she wants and then says, "I only ate once." Not to mention, she doesn't count the calories and fat in those mochachinos that she gets every morning on her way to work.

I do realize that I can't make her lose weight. I've been there. I lost 100 pounds on the Weight Watchers program five years ago and I've kept it off. I needed the encouragement that I wasn't getting at home, and the first thing that they taught me (besides how to make healthier choices) was that you can't make someone do something. But you can give them a little nudge.

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  • 10 years ago
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    unfortunately, you can't make your sister want to lose weight. if she just doesn't want to put in the effort, then pestering her will probably just push her to go against what you're telling her, even if it is good advice. but good for you for getting all that weight up and caring about your sister so much!

    now, if your sister actually thinks this is healthy and is looking to lose weight, you could try explaining to her (nicely, so that she'll actually listen) that when she doesn't eat for a long period of time her body goes into what known as "starvation mode". then, when she finally does eat that one big meal, her body is so desperate for food and energy that it will store all of that food as fat. definately not what you want. by eating spaced out throughout the day, you keep your metabolism going so that it burns the foods you eat more quickly and doesn't store so much as fat.

    i hope your sister listens and follows your lead, but just remember not to be too pushy- be gentle- if she doesn't want to put in the effort to lose weight, you can't make her. focus on yourself, you seem to be doing a great job! good luck!! ( :

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  • 10 years ago

    Your sister is obviously uneducated on the way the body works and completely disconnected from her own body as well otherwise she'd be able to identify the damage she's doing. Her hormones are eventually going to go into a tailspin (if they're not already). When she gains 50 pounds and cannot understand why since she's "eating healthy", maybe that will be the wake up call that she needs. Skipping breakfast is a huge no-no. She'll pay for that as well.

    Congrats to you on your own weight loss though. 100lbs is FANTASTIC!

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  • David
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    10 years ago

    she,s an addict. a food addict. she won,t listen until she hits the "wall".

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