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Help with this balanced equation?

2 grams of solid strontium was added to 50 ml water: bubbles form, ph goes from 7 to 14, a white solid is formed, the temperature increases. Whats the balanced equation after the reaction between H2O and Sr? Is it soluble and whats the formula of the white solid that formed during the reaction?


What caused the ph change?

Update 2:

if it took 250 mml of 0.1 M H2SO4 to titrate the strontium hydroxide, what s the molarity of the strontium hydroxide???

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    pH goes from 7 to 14 --> clue ---> a base is formed

    white solid is formed ---> clue ---> something here is not soluble


    Sr + 2 H2O ---> Sr(OH)2 + H2

    H2 are bubbles, the white solid is Sr(OH)2.

    Forming a base caused the pH change ( the OH- ions that are formed).

    They were actually very nice to give out the clues ;)

    Hope this helped ;)

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