How can I permanently delete my facebook?

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A hacker got into my account and can get into my e-mail and everything. I want to delete my facebook account but I'm afraid it will re-activate if he tries to log in again. How more
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This guide will show you how to delete your account on Facebook:

Good luck!
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  • salihah i answered 4 years ago
  • Bookbinder answered 4 years ago
    This very point was covered by "Computeractive" Magazine (it's a UK computer magazine) in the issue of 19. March - 1. April 2009 (p43). This is what the magazine said:
    (1) Got a Facebook account and want to get rid of it? For most people, the first step would be to click the Settings button on the Facebook menu bar and then click on the Deactivate link at the bottom of the settings list. However, this doesn't actually remove the account - instead, it puts it into cold storage, preserving all the settings and personal information in case anyone has a change of heart. Lots of people don't fancy the idea of having that info tucked away somewhere, just in case.
    (2) To completely delete a Facebook account, use the browser's Back button to return to the main Facebook page and then click the Help link. When the page opens, type 'delete' into the search box at the top and then press Return. After a moment, Facebook will display a set of instructions that explain what to do and what happens to the account. Read these carefully and then proceed by clicking the 'here' link at the end of the paragraph.
    (3) At the next screen, click the Submit button to continue and then at the next screen, type in the password associated with the account that's going to be deleted and then type in the required capture words. This is now the last chance to cancel. Still want to delete the Facebook account? Click the Okay button and after a moment the Permanently Delete Account dialogue box appears. Click Okay to finish up. Note that Facebook still retains the data for a further 14 days. Don't log on during that period and on day 15 the data gets zapped - forever.
    That's what "Computeractive" Magazine said about deleting a Facebook account. I've never been on Facebook, so I haven't tried these instructions, but I have been told that they do actually work. "Computeractive" advice is very reliable. Best of luck.


    "Computeractive" Magazine. 19. March - 01. April 2009.
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  • Bangka answered 4 years ago
    What you have to do is change your password and the email address you use to access Facebook immediately. You can easily sign up for a new email at or

    If the person gained access to your account through a keylogger or trojan on your computer then you need to run a virus scan and remove those programs from your computer immediately.

    Otherwise I don't know how anyone could hack your account unless your password was weak or you gave out your information to someone.

    It takes 14 days without logging in to permanently delete an account on Facebook once you follow this link:
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  • aj D answered 4 years ago
    even if you delete your account that same could create an account impersonating you. i would create another account with a password so complicated that you have to write it down.


    life and having dealt with Facebook.
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  • grudgechik answered 4 years ago
    well..... you go into account settings and click Delete account..... then if you ever want to have face book again just sign into your old account......... easy as that and that's why its raining
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  • Fireful answered 4 years ago
    you could contact the facebook moderators/managers.
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