Question regarding safe use of Beta blocker and ace inhibitor blood pressure?

I've been taking a beta blocker and ace inhibitor to slow heart rate and keep blood pressure low to treat my cardiomyopathy. My question is after this time is it taken full affect on my body as it safe to take these as regularly schedueled as i have been even if my blood pressure is at 100/58? I guess my main question is about how these drugs work ultimately. Is it from pill to pill? Or is it that taking these pills for a month now put my body in a general state, and taking the pills at this point is just maintaining that state? Is there a blood pressure range that would be considered unsafe to take the pills? For example i take coreg twice daily, once in the morning at 9, and once at night at 9. Supposedly coreg lasts 7-10 hours, yet my blood pressure is still low 12 hours later. As i said, 100/58. Is it still safe to take the next coreg? Will the next coreg maintain that 100/58 or push it even lower?


Also how fast do coreg and the ace inhibitor act? Like if i wait an hour after taking them and my BP stays at 100/58 and such then i'm good to go? or what? also will sleeping cause my 100/58 to drop even further? i haven't had any problems yet but i don't want to die.

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  • ScottD
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    10 years ago
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    I really think you should talk to your doctor about this. As you know, these medications are to control your blood pressure. However, those numbers that you posted (100/58) seem a little low to me (don't get me's not "bad" also depends on what is "normal" to you though). That is, we do not want you to suffer from hypotension after correcting your hypertension.

    If you were my patient in the hospital and your BP was 100/58, I'd definitely HOLD your medication (not give it to you). You do not want to cause hypotension.

    That's why I want you to talk to your doctor about this. We do not know your medical history. Everybody is different with what's "normal" to them. There are other factors to that need to be looked at (history, lifestyle changes? are you exercising/eating healthy now...stopped smoking?...less stressed?). He might take you off one of those meds.

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  • 10 years ago

    Ok so this is what happens. The blood pressure pills that you take help to maintain the level that your at, it won't drop it even lower. Your doctor prescribed these pills to you to help keep your blood pressure down because well evidently it was too high, so the beta-blockers are working to reverse the highness and keep it down. In other words your blood pressure will still wanna keep going up but the beta-blockers help it to keep it low. So now that your blood pressure is at a good state the pills wont keep making it drop. And if you are really concerned about it then I would make an appt with the doctor that put you on them.

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  • 10 years ago

    Some people need their Coreg only once a day, but you don't want to treat this as a DIY project. The lowering of your blood pressure is only one, and not even the most important, way these drugs help you. You may have to reduce the dose, under your doctor's supervision, if your low blood pressure results in episodes of syncope, but that's a different issue.

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  • 4 years ago

    question safe beta blocker ace inhibitor blood pressure

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  • Dona
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    4 years ago

    dnt worry , the drugs are maintaining ur bp, you will have to continue the drug unless your doctor advise otherwise.

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