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What are some things teens should do in tucson?

Well I'm heading out to Tucson, AZ this for a week at the end of June (<< it was my mom's bright idea) so far im thinking it's gonna be hot nd all there really is out there is dirt. Now im not a big fan of going to gardens, and going to museums, and walking on trails, or of sports, so it seems to me there's gonna be nothing for me to do out there in tucson. I'm going out there with my family so the ages range from 10-90. I need something we will all like. Got any ideas. For example: restaurants, historic places, attractions. By the way: is there any them parks in Arizona? Or at least any near tucson?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Old Tucson is fun.

    It's kinda like an old western theme-park.

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