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What are some health insurance companies that cover Orthodontic Services for children?

I'm 15 and my mom wants me to get braces but my current insurance which is MCNA, doesn't cover the cost. Are there any health insurance companies that cover the cost of braces for someone my age?

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    Any private insurance that you would buy, would work like this:

    You have to pay in a full year, until orthodontics are covered

    They'd cover 50%, up to $500 or $1,000 - Not Much.

    It's not worth it. I've never seen a private policy that pays out more than it costs.

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    I would seriously look into using a homebirth midwife or a birth center. I know that an epidural wouldn't be an option but it's the least expensive yet still perfectly safe option if you are low risk. In the event that you become to exhausted and think you really need an epidural they can transfer you to a hospital, about 80% of homebirths are successful though. You just check in through the ER and the on staff doctor takes you or your midwife might have a doctor on back up already. Half of all pregnancies are unplanned. I currently have insurance but it doesn't cover pregnancy because that plan was to expensive and my husband is unemployed. I'm pretty sure we would qualify for medicaid but homebirth would be my plan if I wasn't covered. I have my fingers crossed that I don't get pregnant but I am married and nothing is 100%.

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    Private dental insurance is worth it because they do/can pay more than you paid into it. Problem is the 50% figure everyone is dropping is for major DENTAL services...NOT orthodontic services. If you're buying dental for Orthodontic services then you're going to be disappointed. My orthodontist does payment plans. That's what you'll need to do.

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    The answers below about dental insurance being the right insurance for this kind of treatments is correct. One thing that you might want to look into is payment plans. I know that my son's orthodontist bills us over 12-24 months for payments which makes it easier and more affordable for us.

    I hope that this helps -

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    Only dental insurances would cover this and they usually only cover 50% of the cost. Unless medically necessary they are considered asthetic and therefore not covered.

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    you're gonna need to call up and ask...maybe your state has a medical insurance just for kids...( Fl does...)

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