Could BP already have the technology to stop the oil spill?

A friend said she heard on BBC World Service that BP could possibly contain the oil spill, but they're allowing it to continue in order to recover more of the oil after it's in the ocean, especially since the well will probably be off limits for good once the oil spill is contained. I'm skeptical, but she's a smart woman, and I don't think she'd make up something like that. Anyone hear the World Briefing last night around 11:30pm Central time? Thanks.

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    10 years ago
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    1. you will never get the truth off usa news channels

    2. the bbc are better but highly selective reporters

    3. do not dismiss anything from the oil companies or the governments they control, they wil do anything to make more money

    Source(s): who killed the electric car (its a video watch it)
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    Sorry but your friend is not as smart as you think she is. It is far easier to collect oil from an oil well through a pipe than to run around shovelling it off the beaches. Also all the good stuff evaporates, leaving the thick tar behind.

    The second point is that BP share prices are plummetting. They lost $16 billion in value today alone, so if this goes on much longer BP will stand for Broke Poor. They will not exist.

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    That is utterly retarded. They are not going to "recover" a significant amount of this oil, it's going to mix with water, wash up on beaches, and cause damage that they're going to have to pay a premium for.

    If a barrel of oil washes up on shore, it costs much more than that barrel to go out on beaches with shovels and scoop it up.

    The amount of oil that they will potentially recover is NOTHING compared to the fines, criminal investigations, lost wages, environmental damage, stock prices, etc are going to cost them.

    BP stock value has dropped by 70 billion dollars already. They are not making money until the spill stops.

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    10 years ago

    They don't want to close the leak if it means destroying the well they've already created. To completely destroy the well would mean that a whole new well would need to be drilled to ever access the oil again. They know it will be very hard to be allowed to do this because of the damage they've already done so they prefer to find a method where they can eventually restart pumping from their already existing well, even if it takes months and allows hundreds of millions of gallons of oil to leak.

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  • 10 years ago

    It's a free for all dude....everyone drive your car down to the Gulf and FILL' ER UP before they turn off the spigot.

    Actually the DO have the technology to plug it - the National Enquirer says they got it from a seance with little green men from outer space? Or was that Russians in Haz-Mat suits...I never CAN get those two straight?

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