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Moving out of NYC to OHIO?

I want to move from NYC to OHIO.

Rent here is $1000 + and I just can't deal with it.

Is minimum (aka slave) wage in OHIO also $7.25?

How would I go about moving to Ohio from NYC?

I have never moved that far. Step by step, please help me.

how do I find a job there?

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  • Jim
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    Well, moving to Ohio is just like moving anywhere else...it might be Iowa or Oregon as far as you are concerned. If you know someone from Ohio, it would really help.

    First of all, get on line and locate the local newspaper, want ads, and also you should try the local Chamber of Commerce to give you ideas of business' there. Get hold of a real estate agent and ask who does rental properties in the city you are thinking about...they can help you or guide you to the right person(s) to locate a place to live. You don't want to move to a town there with no jobs, or the wrong kind of jobs...so knowing WHICH town is important, right?

    Also, if you have a car, before you move there, GO there, drive there, and go around and get an idea of where you are moving to. Stop into a few restaurants and businesses to find out if this is the kind of place and people you want to live with. I know some very nice people from Ohio, since I come from Indiana myself (almost 30 years ago, I live in Oregon now)..but I still know people in Ohio and they are very good people there. So you are going to a good state with good people. But you still need to decide where. I prefer the Western half of the state myself...Dayton seems to be a nice town, or it was. The thing is, unemployment is probably pretty high, so if you don't have many skills or a particular skill in demand, it might be really tough finding a job. This is why you have to concentrate on finding out what is there before you go there and find yourself in the middle of a jam.

    I highly recommend going there, wherever in Ohio you want to go, even if it means taking a Greyhound bus there and spending a weekend and then going back to the Big Apple. You might learn something.

  • Anonymous
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    No, just no. Move somewhere else instead Ohio has to be the worst state in the country by FAR.

  • Look online and just type in jobs that are hiring in Ohio

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    $7.30 in ohio Check online

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would suggest to move out of the Northeast. The Northeast sucks!

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    its not easy to move i have been trying to move and i just finished college. Its easy to move but hard to find a job to support you.

  • Anonymous
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    I pay $450.00 for rent and it includes heat and hot water!!!

    You'll never make it at that wage.

    More schooling = much higher wages.

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