How to get a date with Princess Madeleine "Len" of Sweden?

I am the Titular Archduke of Pommern und Livonien so IDK if that helps.

I think she is the most gorgeous and beautiful person on the planet.

I just want to know how to meet with her to ask her out!

Do you have to ask for an audience or what? You obviously can't just go up to the

palace and say hey i would like to date you so any advice, none sarcastic, would be much appreciated!

Update 2:

I take that back not such a flattering pic

here is a better one

Update 3:

Well I dont have anyone but my extended family backing me ,but I am quite wealthy!!

Update 4:

Also, how did Jonas Bergstrom meet her? He is not royal he is just a lawyer.

I though maybe i could meet her at the Nobel Prize Gala but I don't know how to get an invitation do any of you know how to do that?

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    I believe you are too late. Apparently she has been stepping out with one of those Abba chappies for quite some time now.

    However, you could try the direct approach at winning the heart of this fair maiden dear boy. Bombard the palace with chocolates, flowers and messages. Either you will succeed in obtaining a 'date' with her or you will be arrested. It may be a gamble worth taking old chap!

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    Titular or not. Unless you have a royal court (like the British or Spanish Monarchies), historians, or a monarchist league backing you. No one is going to believe that you are a Archduke. (I am not being rude, I am just trying to be honest).

    You can't go to the Royal Palace of Sweden and expect to get in. You would need to have great wealth and be in the Aristocratic inner circle in order for you to get near her. I think that you could ask her out on a date if you ever got the chance, there is no guarantee she will accept the offer though. So I don't know what you could do.

    Yes friend you are right. She is one of the most beautiful princesses on the planet. Swedish and Norway Monarchies are sometimes referred to as Bicycle Monarchies because their royal families seem so down to earth. So I could believe that they are easiest to deal with. You could maybe get a chat with her. I would prefer them over British royals.

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    Now that she's now single and has broken off her engagement, your chances are slightly less microscopic... To be honest, I have no idea how she met Jonas Bergström. School or college is my guess.

    Find out what her favourite charities are and engage in those yourself. Nobel banquet invites are pretty hard to get, but usually Swedish university students are allocated some tickets each year. Check the Royal Court web site for further ideas.

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    That's really difficult sorry :( . There is a lot of security surrounding her and her home at all times so it's not likely that you can even get near her however if you are a duke I'm not saying you aren't but maybe you can ask someone if they are connected to her somehow and you can ask them if she ever leaves on her own and where she goes. When shes by herself its more possible to ask her out. Or you can maybe send her flowers and small gifts to her houses and than even a letter. It always impresses a girl whether shes a princess or not than again all girls are royalty lol. Hope I helped :)

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