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Who else is happy Bourne got a main event win on raw?+ EWS Signups?

I am really happy and SUPRISED that WWE gave bourne a main event spot and them a win at that. I hope they continue to push this bright young superstar.

Here are the signups for my E-Fed. I still need more members and EWS hasn't started yet until I get enough members. I am a great writer and have written some matches for THW before. Anyone who joins will be highly appreciated.

Wrestling Name:

Attire: (Optional)





Championship to go for:


Moveset:You may choose a wrestler's moveset.

Brand: Retribution or Wresolution

Wrestling Ability:You may choose Technical, High-Flyer, Powerhouse, Brawler, Dirty(you may be face with this like Eddie Guerrero was. low blows and uses weapons behind the ref's back and etc.), etc. You may add stuff if you like.

Retrubution Titles

EWS Evolution Title

EWS Aliance Titles (Tag team)

EWS Vixen Title (Women Title)

EWS Nitro Title (Mid-Carder)

Wresolution Titles

EWS Undisputed Title

EWS Unlimated Title (Can be won anywhere anytime)

EWS Elite Title (Women Title)

EWS Attitude Title

Members So Far:

EWS Retribution Brand:

King Cliff

Ted Dibiase Jr.


Brayden Crocker

Michelle Mckeinzie

Cameron Hart

Point Blank


MA Beast

The Y2J

Madison Rayne

The Amazing Adam

Mr. Blood


Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom

EWS Wresolution Brand:

Moshi Man




Gold Star

Daniel Holf

Jack Hunter

Dylan Klein


The Sandman

Loco Antonio

Notorius Xtreme

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    10 years ago
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    For sure as i'm a big fan as he works an impressive style of technical Lucha Libre wrestling.

    Looks pretty cool and i'll check out your shows before i decide.Thanks for the heads up on that !

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  • 10 years ago

    Yes, of course is time for Evan Bourne to get a push into the main event scene

    when Rey Mysterio Jr. retires in 2-3 years because of his knee injury he's been

    battling over the years I always thought he would be the best little big man in the

    business to take his place. Now, I'm hearing Dos Caras Jr. a mexican "Luchador"

    is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment is saying that he's going to

    be the next Rey Mysterio Jr.? Evan Bourne has been in the Wwe since late 2007

    so going on 3 years he's never won any championships not even a secondary title

    like the United States Championship or Tag Team Champion. They should of then

    drafted him to Smackdown so at least there he would of gotten a chance to be a

    Intercontinental Champion and start a rivalry with Drew Mcintyre. They are testing

    him out to see if he's ready for a push YES, I think he will be in a upper card level.

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  • 10 years ago

    Wrestling Name: WhiteThunda

    Attire: Like Evan Bourne


    Youtube thumbnail

    Gimmick: Very Cocky

    Signatures: 450 Splash, Top Rope DDT, BackStabber, Elbow Drop (HBK), SpineBuster

    Finishers: ThundaStunna, Sharpshooter (submission move)

    Champ to go for: EWS Undisputed Title or EWS Unlimated Title

    Face/Heel/Tweener: Tweener

    Moveset: My moveset

    Brand: Wresolution

    High Flyer and Brawler

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  • 10 years ago

    Name: The Master

    Attire: John Cena from WM 22

    Theme: The Rock 2000

    Gimmick: The Rock's gimmick

    Signatures: Spinebuster, RKO, STF

    Finishers: The Master Move (superkick with theatrics sometimes), Rock Bottom

    Title: EWS Evolution Title

    Face/Heel/Tweener: Face

    Moveset: The Rock's moveset

    Brand: Retribution

    Wrestling Ability: 25% Technical, 75% Brawler

    Source(s): The Master Says..He is the next EWS Evolution Champ
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  • 10 years ago

    Wrestling Name:ST flynn

    Attire: aj stlyes or justin gabriel like attire

    Theme:legacy theme

    Gimmick:fan favorite (never backs down from a fight and will do what ever it takes to become champion and will save a friend in need)

    Signatures:Corkscrew flying forearm smash and superk kick and spinning neck breaker and frog splash

    Finisher(s):450 splash and rolling 450 splash (rolling Thunder but a 450 splash at the end)

    Championship to go for: EWS Evolution Title or EWS Nitro Title


    Moveset: Justin Gabriel

    Brand: Retribution

    Wrestling Ability: highflyer

    Source(s): i throught it was great that even bourne got to be in the main event but what they should do is bring the Cruiserweight Championship and let him win it or send him to smack down and let him win the ic title
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  • Wrestling Name: Freddy Daggler

    Attire: (Optional): Black Wrestling tights with varying designs, usually red.


    Youtube thumbnail

    Gimmick: Cocky rising star


    Diving Crossbody

    Running DDT


    Buzzsaw Kick (Yoshi Tatsu style)

    Figure Four Leglock

    Standing Moonsault


    Springboard Legdrop (from apron)

    Electric Chair Facebuster

    Championship to go for: EWS Nitro

    Face/Heel/Tweener: Face

    Moveset:You may choose a wrestler's moveset: Much like Chris Jericho, with a few more highflying moves

    Brand: Retribution or Wresolution: Retribution

    Wrestling Ability:You may choose Technical, High-Flyer, Powerhouse, Brawler, Dirty(you may be face with this like Eddie Guerrero was. low blows and uses weapons behind the ref's back and etc.), etc. You may add stuff if you like.: Technical with added highflying moves.

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  • 10 years ago

    Wrestling Name: Uncensored



    Youtube thumbnail

    (Wake Up by Story Of The Year)

    Gimmick:Evan Bourne Type Wrestler

    Signatures: 360 Shooting Star Press- Standing (

    Youtube thumbnail


    750 DDT (

    Youtube thumbnail


    Finisher(s): 630 Splash- Top Rope (

    Youtube thumbnail



    EWS Unlimated Title




    John Morrison and Evan Bourne combined



    Wrestling Ability:

    High Flyer

    Source(s): Its about time!!!
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  • 10 years ago

    I was surprised. It came out of nowhere, but I am very happy it happened. Evan is one of the best all-around talents in the WWE and having him job to the likes of Sheamus is just mind-boggling. I hope he has a nice career with some championships. Preferably, world championships.

    BTW, I would join the two brands in your E-Fed because there are not enough members yet to have two brands. Once you get forty members, create a second brand.

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  • 10 years ago

    If you asked me this question 1 week ago I would disagree. But I was shocked when I saw Evan in the main event. I really got a kick from that match, WWE needs more little guys.I'm glad that new superstars are making their ways to the WWE roster, I can assure that I see good things for their young ones and congrats to Evan.

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  • 10 years ago

    I am

    wrestling name:THE EXTREME ENGINA

    ATTIRE:same as jeff hardy

    theme:i made it by kevin rudolf

    gimmick:same as the rock

    signature:goldbuster and superkick

    finisner:450 splash and spear

    championship to go for:ews evolution title


    moveset:like jeff hardy

    brand: retribition or wresolution-retribition

    wrestling ability:technichal and high flying

    by the way which title is bigger

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