my 12 year old daughter has really severe acne. its blackheads, and infected pimples. some whiteheads. we put her on doryx and retin-a but it didnt really help. we are using skin id which seems to dry it out a bit. our dermatologist told us to put her on accutane, and since she has had her period, they have to do pregnancy tests and crap. do you think this is a good idea? we are worried that she will have depression its in our family history.

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    If you are worried about depression, DO NOT take accutane. Accutane ranks fifth in reports connected to depression, compared with all drugs listed in the FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) database through June 2000. It is also listed within the AERS top ten drugs associated with suicide and suicide attempts. It is the only non-psychotropic drug listed.

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    A few things to consider. If your dermatologist feels that she needs Accutane in order to get her acne under control, then I"d defer to his judgement. It's a wonder drug,as far as acne is concerned. If you are worried about depression, however, there are a couple of things that you can do: you can either have her take the prescribed dosage, and be aware of any mood swings/headaches that may occur; or you can have her take a smaller dose of the drug for a longer time period. The super-large studies that were finally done regarding Accutane and depression showed that there was no statistical risk of causing depression due to the drug. You have to realize that the teen years are the highest suicide age group, and the group not taking the Accutane actually had more suicides in it than the group taking the Accutane. Obviously, teens who have both severe acne and a depression tendency will have a higher chance of committing suicide than those who don't have severe acne. But, because there is that group of teens who are depressed and have severe acne (and on Accutane) and who commit suicide, the concensus among the "internet know-it-alls" still will proclaim Accutane to be a risky drug. In my 35 years of prescribing the drug to teens (and several who are actually on antidepressants), I've yet to have a problem with the drug. If you have further concerns, feel free to contact me.

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