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Convert Nm3/hr to ACFM?

I have a flow of 50,000 nm3/hr at 55C and I need to get it into SCFM or ACFM and am stuck? Any help is appreciated.


They are both at 1 atmosphere

Update 2:

Nm3/hr stands for Normal cubic meters per hour.

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    First you need to understand that Nm3/hr is referenced off of 0°C and 1 bar (14.504 psi). Convert the units and you will have x value CFM (at 0C and 1 bar). Use the Ideal gas law to take that value to SCFM (60F and 14.696psi). Once in SCFM, use the ideal gas law to go from your 55C (131F) same pressure to get it into ACFM.

    In your case, Ideal gas law PV=nT, so P1V1=n1T1 and P2V2=n2T2 and n1=n2, solve for V2.

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    Convert Scfm To Acfm

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    Nm3 Hr To Scfm

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    SCFM means cubic feet per minute at standard conditions of one atmosphere and 60 F. Dry air at standard conditions has a specific weight of 0.075 pounds/ cubic ft.

    ACFM means the actual cubic feet per minute at the actual temperature and pressure of the gas.

    I do not recognize the expression nm3 as a volume. I would recognize m3 to mean one cubic meter. To convert "per hour" to " per minute", divide by 60. Convert cu. meter to cu ft. Then to correct the actual volume to standard conditions use the ratio of the absolute temperatures. In this case first convert the 60 F to the Celsius or the 55 C to the F scale.

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