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5 English Reading Questions, Can You Answer?

Read the paragraph and answer the questions that follow.

If you are rich and worth your salt, you will teach your [children] that [if] they have leisure it is not to be spent in idleness; for wisely used leisure merely means that those who possess it, being free from the necessity of working for their livelihood, are all the more bound to carry on some kind of nonremunerative [unpaid] work in science, in letters, in art, in exploration, in historical research--work of the type we most need in this country, out of which reflects most honor upon the nation.

--Theodore Roosevelt, 1899

1. What type of paragraph is this?






2. What is the purpose of this paragraph?

to inform

to persuade

to entertain

to express strong feeling and emotion

3. How is the paragraph organized?





4. What is the main idea?

wealth brings leisure

leisure should not mean idleness

wealth brings idleness

leisure is honoring to the nation

5.What kind of appeal does the author make?

emotional appeal

logical appeal

ethical appeal

no appeal

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    1. cause/effect (use of if then effect of teaching children)

    2. to persuade (persuades people to teach their children this)

    3. deductively (conclusion stated before knowledge of how you came up with this)

    4. leisure should not mean idleness

    5. emotional appeal (people want to be honorable to their nation)--this could be no appeal, you decide but that is my reason for saying that it is emotional appeal

    good luck!

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    Persian (Dari, Farsi, Tajik) or Russian are the easiest in that list, as they both are only Category II Languages (significant linguistic and/or cultural differences from English). Vietnamese is somewhat more difficult than other Category II Languages. Arabic, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin Chinese are Category III Languages (quite difficult for native English speakers).

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