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Which is the best music aggregator?

Our band are looking to publicise/promote ourselves a bit more, we're unsigned and I took a look at the Spotify music aggregators but I'm not sure which is best, we're a english, sort of indie, britpop band, we're not into all techno sh*it and all ;).

Artist aggregators

These are the artist aggregators we work with that provide music for Spotify from individual or unsigned artists. You can contact these in order to get your music on Spotify.


Record Union

Ditto Music


The state51 Conspiracy



Thanks for your time :).

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    You have to go with RouteNote. RouteNote unlike all the other distributors you mentioned have no upfront fees or costs. Artists upload their music and can choose which partners they want to send their music to.

    RouteNote also offers a premium service in which the artist can pay a flat fee. So artists can either go for Free or Premium models, and choose the one that makes financial sense to them!

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    Best Music Aggregator

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    Easiest and possibly best is CD Baby (what I use). They get everything done for you and only keep 9 cents out of 99 for a single.

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