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Do you think the newest Israel miscue"operation sink flotilla" would have occurred if news medias would ?

have done a better more fair and honest job of reporting what is currently going on in GAZA/ Israel?

or is it world news policy's ,here in the western world to just No talk No tell?

the truth

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    Sorry that's not an "Israeli miscue". It's a terrorist organization trying, and succeeding, to gain sympathy by shaking a stick at a dog then crying that they got bit. The media, of course, jumped on Israel without getting all the facts. Now that the facts are coming up the sentiment is turning in favor of Israel. And why is the UN so quiet about N. Korea sinking a S. Korea ship but so hell bent on taking down Israel? Other than Israel being allied with the US.

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    The Palestinians always get good press and they are getting it now.

    This entire mess started because of unprovoked rocket attacks into southern Israel. Israel made it plain and simple - stop launching these attacks. That's all the Palestinians authority needed to do. But no, the attacks kept coming. In spite of the warnings they continued. Finally Israel did what any nation on earth would do when faced with this situation. They fought back and did so in a decisive way.

    I don't blame the Israelis one bit for any of this. I totally blame Hammas and the Palestinians who put up with their combative acts.

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    Yes, if the world knew, what is REALLY going on in Gaza, we would've seen general approval of Israel blasting that ship from afar by missiles/torpedoes -- with all the terrorists and their sympathizers on-board -- instead of risking the soldiers' lives trying to take it over.

    According to news reports, the one ship equipped and manned by the pro-Hamas group saw SEVERAL HOURS of fighting between commandos and "activists".

    "Peaceful civilians" resisting elite commandos for hours? Sorry, I don't buy it... And neither should you.

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    The only victims were the Israeli commandos who were attacked and defended themselves. They were not the initiators of the physical violence and met deadly force with the same. The Turkish ship was lucky that it was not sunk.

    Video does not lie, and all rational and reasonable human beings know who is telling the truth here. Unfortunately, you don't.

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    they should have used a tac-nuk

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