Do you chage at all personality wise after high school?

ok, so I got in this whole conversation(silly arguement) about weather you change after high school like in the sense of personality. He thinks that you don't change personality wise after your senior year of high school and that your pretty much the same person you were senior year for the rest of your life. Like for example if your shy and not very outgoing you will always be like that. I believe that you change the most after high school and during your senior year, someone who is really shy could still break out of it in college. What are your opinions about this, id really like to know. Thanks in advanced!! ( :

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    10 years ago
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    college can really change a person. They are away from home and the stereotype they had in high school. They can start with a clean slate. No one at college knows they were the shy kid in school.

    A student can gain confidence in college.

    You are not just changing at the age of 18 or even at 21. As you mature and grow your personality can change too. This come with life experiences, jobs, relationships.

    How often do people go back for their HS reunion to find the shy geeking kid, running his own business or the prom queen and king divorced -movies are made based on how much people change from high school

    . Most people do change from what they were like in high school.

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  • 10 years ago

    A change takes place most of the time =)

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