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Supporters of Arizona Immigration Law SB1070; have you read the bill?

The biggest argument from supporters of Arizona's Immigration law is "Read the bill". But those same people keep saying that the Arizona law "mirrors" the Federal law when only a few provisions match up.....that's not really mirroring what's there. And when it come to Comprehensive Immigration Reform, they say "it's just Amnesty, nothing else", and never mention anything about the fines people would have to pay, e-verify, having to go through a background check, learning English and all the border security provisions.

Have supporters of Arizona's law read these bills at all? What say you?

Do conservatives really think new AZ immigration law is just like federal law?

Conservative media have claimed that parts of Arizona's new immigration law are similar to federal law and that, therefore, the law should not be controversial. In fact, the immigration enforcement powers given to local law enforcement under the legislation represent a dramatic departure from current policies and would, according to many experts, lead to racial profiling, strained police resources, and distrust of law enforcement within the immigrant community.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity (CIR ASAP) Act of 2009


Subtitle A - Border Security:

Subtitle A of Title I assembles a vision of effective and accountable enforcement for the 21st century through maximizing border security by requiring the Secretary of Homeland Security to form a national strategy that is consistent with the progress already made. In order to achieve these goals, oversight and accountability for the Department of Homeland Security is emphasized, especially as they pertain to fiscal appropriations and cost-benefit analyses of operations and programs.

Protecting Our Borders:

Effective Enforcement:

Securing Ports of Entry:

Combating Criminal Activity:

Improving Partnerships:

Combating Human Trafficking:

Protecting U.S. Citizens, Lawfully Present Immigrants, Vulnerable Populations, and Communities:


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    Thanks for posting this question Tony!

    What I wonder also is that this was not a major worry nor issue during the Clinton and the Bush administrations. No one seemed to be too occupied by it while the economy was good and the banks had laxed their lending. But, soon after the economy started to go down hill, around 2006, people were looking to blame someone for their lot in life. It went from "Terrorists" to "Big Business" (Enron, Madoff, Bank of America) to the "Illegal Aliens" that no one noticed until they too lost their jobs and we were in a recession. It is similar to the story of the Grasshopper and the Ants. They pay no attention to what is going on during the "good times" but as soon as it starts going down hill it is everyone else's fault for their bad fortune and not their own.

    And yes, it was mostly aimed at the hispanic communities more than any other illegal immigrant community. I wish they would remember too that those that attack our country most often and that we are at "war" with are the same ones that get expedited approval for visas and green cards in this country. They also are the largest immigrant population that has entered into this country legally in the past 25yrs. If they would only look up "immigration statistics" from the homeland security website. Those of Middle Eastern descent are the majority of approved applicants. Why?

    Those that are crossing the border are not mostly "Mexicans" either. Last year the US Border Patrol to our southern border has also caught a large varying population of Asians, Africans, Middle Easterners, Russians, and "other" varied countries, as they posted on their website. Many of our "Mexican" illegal immigrants are NOT Mexican, either. Many of them are Guatamalan, Colombian, or Hondurans. Some say they are from Mexico so they won't try to send them back to their home country but rather just over the border so they can attempt again.

    The new Arizona law will racially profile those of Hispanic descent or look Hispanic before they will profile any other ethnicity such as the Asian, African, or other Caucasian with a foreign accent. Why? Because, they border a country known for the lack of protection against illegal crossing. They also will do so from the media hype, propaganda, and fear mongering they listen to.

    When they can reduce racial profiling and move beyond ethnic separation, this is when laws will be drawn up fairly and without social disruptive intent.

    Edit - To Docar

    The majority of rapists, murders, and such are NOT illegals for the majority of the states in the US. Sorry to burst your bubble. They make up less that 2% of violent criminals in US prisons, jails, and court appearances. There have been more media and gossip reporting on such offenders and most of them have been WHITE Legal Citizen repeat sex offenders!The violent criminals that NEED to be watched are our own citizens! Sad but true. Also, those from the Middle East when it comes to large scale violent crime, but it seems no one cares about them at the moment. They are too focused on one ethnic group at the moment, the Hispanics. The only "Hispanics" residing in those penal systems in large numbers are the states that border those countries, California, Arizona, Texas, but Nevada and New Mexico don't seem to be too bothered with it and see no need for a state law profiling and identifying those here illegally.

    What I like is when someone states something to the effect "See that Mexican over there? He speaks really good English. He's legal, but the guy working next to him can't speak but a few words, I "know" he's illegal!" Then they come to find out that it is the opposite. LOL

    Now tell me, can you tell me who's legal and who isn't? Doubt it.

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    I've read the bill. I don't understand why people keep saying it will force racial profiling. Do you not think that if an officer pulled over a white driver for an infraction and that driver only spoke Russian and could not present proper ID that the officer would go through the same verification on legal status as a spanish-speaking driver who could not provide proper ID? Of course that officer would. The point is everyone has to provide proper legal ID, so how is that racial profiling? It's not. Yes, the bill mirrors, to a degree, our federal laws. So??? You cannot run around, hide behind, and pussy-foot the fact that it's a longstanding LAW that you enter this country legally and that you don't hire illegal aliens. So what's the big deal about SB1070? If our American resources are going to get used up then I would much rather they be used to combat illegal immigration as opposed to supporting illegals. And the reason a lot of SB1070 supporters say "read the bill" is because anyone who has half a brain and any true American pride would see that it's a law in favor of the American people. What could possibly be so bad about that?

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    An explanation added to the text! What a crime! This is done all the time! Ever read a text in school? They have foot notes for this! There are also margin notes! Textual notes (such as you are talking about) etc. Should we throw out the English language because you don't like that either? Here let me explain: The first paragraph is the law. The second paragraph is an explanation! Does explaining something make it bogus now? Ever read an arrest report? It explains certain things! Accident report? Same thing! Ever try to assembly anything? Directions explaining how it's done! Are they all bogus too?

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    1) Yes I read the law!

    2) Amnesty is rewarding criminals? What should a child molester get as a reward? How about a rapist? Why should an immigration criminal get a reward?

    3) Your only argument is that "local" law enforcement is given "immigration enforcement powers"? I suppose that if your child was being kidnapped by a known child rapist/murderer you wouldn't want the "local" police to get involved? Is this your position? After all kidnapping is a federal offense! Should we require the CHP to wave goodbye to any kidnapped children? We wouldn't want them to use any "federal enforcement powers" would we?

    FYI: have you ever heard the expression "to protect and to serve"? It's a police motto! BUT you seem to think that it should only apply to laws you like? The police should be protecting us from all criminals including the illegal alien criminals who are virtually any and all illegal aliens! After all how do you think they live in the US? It's not by magic! It's by committing felony, after felony, after felony!

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    Yes I have. and reform is amnesty whether they are paying fines. You act like it is so much for all the years they have been breaking laws to go through. Where is the punishment that is involved with the actual crimes they have committed by coming here illegally in the first place. They are being excused for their crimes and that should not be excused just because they pay a couple of dollars. What abut the document fraud. Guess they should be excused also. And this question is the same as the one you asked under the other name. If it is combating criminal activity then deportation would be appropriate for all illegals.

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    "according to many experts, lead to racial profiling, strained police resources, and distrust of law enforcement within the immigrant community."

    It MAY lead to some profiling, but it won't be racial profiling. We will deal with abuses if they occur

    Police resources are always strained, the state of Arizona has decided that this is an issue of major priority.

    Distrust within the immigrant community is being fueled by pro-illegal groups.

    Regarding Comprehensive Immigration Reform, if we are to believe that any portions that call for border security will be enforced, the federal government must first start enforcing existing laws on people who enter the country illegally or overstay their visa

    Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement now

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform later

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    there is an old saying:


    bottom line---the latinos have expressed a different agenda for being here on american soil illegally-----this whole "reconquista" garbage......

    I say toss em out and secure our nation from this potential international domestic terrorism.......if it takes states like AZ to re-enforce our federal laws at a state be it.....

    as for the cities---more and more are capitalizing on the funding for 287(g) that provides much needed funding for our local police departments and essentially gives them the heads up on their local authority to enforce our immigration laws.......

    cities like Costa Mesa California have declared a "rule of law " city......I live next door to Costa Mexico......they are overrun with illegals and their community suffers from the over abundance of dirty latinos and their you really think that their neighbors in Newport Beach and Balboa are going to tolerate that......not even dude.....I know that Huntington Beach weeded out the unbeneficial latinos over a decade ago.....they voted out rent control just to out the "undesirables".....thank goodness---my home and affluent lifestyle is safe in HB.......dont have the worries like other communities overrun with illegals and immigrant "families"......

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    Yes I have.

    You're wrong but only because you took what Media Matters says as gospel.

    I'm just going to list what they got wrong:

    1. U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner: SB 1070 targets people "simply because of their resemblance to other individuals who may be in the country illegally."

    2. Mesa police chief: SB 1070 would require "people to prove their innocence" before being charged with a crime.

    3. James Doty: New law is "vulnerable to the argument that it essentially criminalizes walking while Hispanic."

    4. AILA executive director: SB 1070 effectively "compels law enforcement to conduct racial profiling of all people in the state, including U.S. citizens."

    You know what. I don't have to list them. Everything but the quote from ACLU of Arizona is wrong but that applies to everyone in the US at all times.

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    Bravo Tony for having the balls to ask this question.

    Why should they bother to actually read the law for themselves? They are more than happy to sit back and let others tell them what to think and feel.


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    No they haven't! They are a bunch of Hypocrites.

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