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what do you think of Israel's actions about the flotilla?

I live in israel and as far as i can tell they have done the right thing , the only ones killed were from self defense, israeli commando only carried paintball guns to hurt resistance and pistols (which they were allowed to use in worst case scenario)

my cousin is now in hospital because he was one commando, he was thrown down 2 floors, smacked in the head and shot in the knee, are those peacekeepers? nah ah!

those "peacekeepers" had a mission, they are not random people, they were not going to stop no matter what the idf(Israel's defense force) told them, thats what i believe, but who gave them that mission? they have to hide something, they were asked to enter ashdod's port which is a few miles off gaza, get the ships checked for guns and explosives and if they are fine, they can enter but they refused...

thats what im told, what do you think should have been done?

I would like to mention israel was not offensive, it was defensive, i live in sderot, a city near gaza which was under attack for 8 years by the hamas until the IDF bombed hamas buildings and the rockets stopped. they had to check the ships to prevent something like that from happening

my theory is that it was on purpose and predicted to make israel look bad in front of the world

What do you think about those actions?

There should have been no deaths, its all because of protestors


Soldier Jay, i can proof it to you:

שלום אני חי במדינת ישראל ואני ישראלי גאה, אני אוהב את המדינה ואני חושב שצה"ל עשה טעות, זה לא בסדר שהם תקפו במים בין לאומיים

קוראים לי רון ואני בן 16 אני בכיתה י' ואני לא רוצה שתהיה מלחמה במדינה הזאת אבל אם תהיה אני מקווה להתגייס, לשרת ולהגן

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    The Israel's blockade is to keep ships from bringing weapons and contraband to Gaza. The point is to intercept ships headed to Gaza and bring them to port in Israel to go through customs. After verifying the cargo, they ship it to Gaza.

    This is not the first time Israel has done this. And for my opinion, its a good thing.

    Israel has known the ships were coming, and had warned them ahead of time. The ships stated they would ram through any barricade. The problem occurred when Israel intercepted them in international waters. Now it is a political issue.

    This now feeds Iran to speak propaganda about the U.S. and its allies (Israel). This will help him gain the hearts and minds of the surrounding countries, not that they needed any more help disliking Israel "The Jewish Invaders".

    So in my honest opinion, Israel went about it wrong. Now they are sending more ships to Gaza, lets see what happens this time. Maybe a war will start because of it. We will have to wait and see.

    EDIT: Ron, there is alot of political events that are happening right now. Just make sure you know what you are doing before you enlist. At your age, it is the perfect time to start reading world events. There is more then just Gaza. Best of luck.

    Source(s): Deployed soldier in the U.S. Army.
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    I think that what israel did (attacking the ship) is not at all self defense. Why would they get on the ship in the first place, it is international waters and not in there specified regions. They deserve being hit by the poles,, if i were on the ship i would have shot them all, I would consider someone getting on my ship trying to invade my right. And of what right did they take the passengers for interrogation???? Each person has his own freedom and right of being on the ship for aid and for supporting a cause he believes in.

    Israel would do anything to make the world forget about jerusalem so they can complete demolishing the area to build the so called (solomon's temple) which has never existed before on that spot and all Historian and Archaeologists said that after all the research they have done and the digging ,, there is no such thing as solomon's temple, it was just made up to get a reason to invade a country that was never their own.

    Israel should be wiped off the surface of the earth.. they are murderers and savages they have no hearts and the deserve to burn in hell for thinkin they are superior to others,, while almost everyone in the world hates them for their actions and twisted minds.

    and this time the whole world will do something about it,, if not the european union nor the united nations,, then the people of all countries will and the governments individually.

    the time of israel has come and this will come to an end.

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    I think for many years Israel does what they want and nobody says anything. There is always two sides to every story. I hope once a through investigation is done we will find out what really happen. It is always sad to here about a lost of life whether military or civilian. We should not be so quick to blame Israel for anything until we see the facts. If it is proved this vessel was carrying hamas militants and weapons then it was justified for them to take necessary actions to protect there citizens. I saw a little of the video where protesters were running around with bats, etc. I know that commandos don't carry stun guns. If they felt there life was threatened, proper action was required. Can i just say we need to stop the WORLD VIOLENCE!

    Source(s): Retired military 21yrs
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    Personally, I support Israel boarding the ships. Considering that the Palestinians have allowed rocket attacks from their country, Israel has every right to board the ships searching for weapons that may be on board these vessels and being smuggled in. Also , even if the ships are known to not have weapons, it is clear that these people are being brought in to incite violence.

    As far as them having killed some of those on board the vessel, even though they may not have been armed, the soldiers were only (in my opinion) defending themselves from a percieved threat.

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    I Agree with you... at 1:04 in this video you can clearly see the IDF soldier using a Paintball gun (the odd looking shape ontop is the main figure of a paintball gun) You can also see the "peacekeepers" wearing gasmasks...and oh BEATING THE **** OUT OF THE IDF SOLDIERS...

    I agree with your one will do anything and the EU won't dare do anything.

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