instructions to make a paper airplane?

i need to know how to make an airplane for a class project thing. it cant be just paper being folded. and it needs to stay up in the air for at least 6 seconds.

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    Some of these or one of these looks like the one your looking for. Check them out and make a prototype to see if it works or not.

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    YouTube - How to Make A paper airplane That Flies far

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    Youtube thumbnail

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    Making Paper Airplane that Flies like a Real One

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    1. Fold a piece of printer paper (8" by 11") in half the long way

    2. Unfold. Then take two corners on the same side and fold down until their straight line meets the straight line you just folded. (It should kinda look like doggy ears!)

    3. Fold the paper in half again, but of course, leave the corners folded, so they are on the inside.

    4. On both sides take the piece that has the corner in it and fold all the paper until it reaches the bottom.

    That should do it!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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    fold the paper in half then fold two corners so they are horizontal hope this works and you know what I mean

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