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How do you think the government can up grade the education in the Philippines?

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As per statistics is concern as per reported in the news. The Philippine educational system is deteriorating in a rapid state. Actually, this news report is not new anymore. Since ...show more
Update : That is another question. What resources are we talking about here? Do we ...show more
Update 2: All our natural resourcs like this mining sector is control and ...show more
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  • lezah answered 5 years ago
1. control population growth, quickly. 2% growth per annum is way too large. That is the most important thing. Everything else from no. 2 down the line are gravy.

2. stop dubbing cartoons into Tagalog, stick to original English. National pride is one thing, but the kids hear Tagalog everywhere already. Let them learn proper English while they are young by forcing English cartoons on them. It worked when I was in preschool and early elementary.

3. Improve the quality of education of teachers. And increase their salaries. The good ones go abroad, for occupations other than teaching. haaay.

4. Improve the quality of textbooks. Kids are smart, the books are boring and ugly and not conducive, and there are grammatical errors once in a while.

5. Day care centers of barangays can help in the years when the kids are like sponges and are malleable.

It's sad but the quality of education is getting worse every year. Gradually the government should find the funds not just to increase the number of classrooms and chairs, but improve the quality of teaching, and provide all the supplies to all kids. Eventually lessen the number of students to a teacher, for maximum supervision and training. In our dreams? Hoping that it becomes reality in my lifetime.

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I agreed on the concept esp. stick to orig. English. I myself growing up love to watch US films pertaining to education or otherwise. I learn a lot more than watching Tagalog films or Filipino literature. Why? bec. I adopted the ways. Thanks2all.
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  • ragdefender answered 5 years ago
    There is point that you can make to say the Philippines isn't actually a poor country. It has the resources, but somehow it is being diverted. (Bakit kaya?) The first thing that you have to address is the family with 10 children. Why oh why would a responsible person have 10 children if they cannot educate all of them? No matter how much money you put into the system, the rate of population growth is bound to over-run it.

    I do hope that our new president would have the political will to address this problem. But lets not forget that the government can only do so much. It all boils down to personal responsibility. Lets teach our kids to be responsible. Lets be responsible ourselves. Lets be active with our children's education and not rely on the government to do it for us. Lets communicate with them so we know what they need from us. Lets teach them to be independent. Lets give them the gift that would last a lifetime.

    We have several brilliant people, some of them from the ranks of the very poor. And I think it is more about upbringing.

    Edit: We have an underestimated business resource. Look around you. We have businesses abound! And we get taxes from them! So many investors. Where is the money going? So many people who know English. We have so many people going abroad, but we are also capable of bringing the jobs abroad in the Philippines!!! The obvious indicator of this, is how many corrupt politicians we have. These guys wouldn't exist if there weren't enough money laying around for them to malverse.

    Don't you worry about the control of the "multinationals". Let them control it. We'll get the jobs from it. What's the difference between that and a Filipino working abroad for a foreign master? At least the foreign master in the Philippines would be subject to Filipino laws. And don't let your hate for big business lead you to the trap of thinking that government control is better. In a corrupt country, the less government is involved in business, the better. Simply know your rights. Simply know how to enforce them. Here in the Philippines we have some of the most worker friendly labor laws. Learn to use them.
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  • Amuckmember answered 5 years ago
    Yes, but only if the Philippine government had the will to do so. I agree with you that overpopulation is the root of many problems in Philippines. That and endemic corruption at every level of government. Those two things are killing the Philippines.

    You said;
    “The only resources I see is us...the Filipino people is the natural resources of the Philippines nothing more, nothing less.”
    Exactly! I agree with you 1000%! The fact is money must be found or diverted in order to educate those young people. Other poor country’s have done this and over time become more successful with a higher standard of living.

    I don’t agree that America or Americans wish Philippines harm or dislike Philippines. We send much aid to Philippines. It is true some here think it a waste due to corruption.
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  • adiktus_gitarizta answered 5 years ago
    1. get rid of the stupid books and get more credible ones made by our own great minds. no need for imports there, right?
    2. give teachers a damn raise. that way, they aren't just happy, they also won't sell snacks for grades and college students would be encouraged to take up education courses.
    3. sanitation. HAVE YOU SEEN A BOY'S COMFORT ROOM IN A PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL??? even the cr's in state colleges reek (except up diliman... i know. i took the upcat there last year.)! you can't study well with a full bladder or a constipated intestine!
    4. lessen the student to teacher ratio. 1 teacher:50+ students? How about 1 teacher:70+ students? that's gotta change.
    5. sex ed? maybe... but why don't they just focus on science, or math, or english?
    6. quality check for teachers. i remember in elementary, everyone gets something near 15-20 of 50 items in the quarterly exam in MSEP. that's because our teacher didn't teach us anything! i remember getting 12 out of 50 one time (and i'm from section 1!). when the card came... BAM! 82! the schools should replace the teachers using the "roleta" grading system!
    7. they might want to better teach some subjects. like religion and values. i remember our religion class in elem was just bible stories. because the students don't just need to be smart.
    8. finally, make the children realize that their time is worth going to school! many just want to go to internet cafe's or corner arcades... so what do they do? they skip classes. if the teachers help them realize the worth of education, they might want to put off DotA or MvC later and sit in class.


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  • Greevy Thom answered 5 years ago
    Everybody here is saying that overpopulation is the problem, but you are silent when the Church harasses the government when it gives out contraceptives to curb the problem.

    As long as the archaic Spanish-style, dark-age influence of the Catholic Church over the government continue, the uncontrolled balooning of the population will also continue, contributing to worsening poverty, corruption and hunger.

    With regards to education...The first priority of Noynoy should be to clean up the extremely corrupt Department of Education. Fire all of those scalawags or send them to prison if you must. Overhaul the bidding systems and implement stricter auditing of all the expenses and use of funds. Recall all erroneous textbooks. Determine critical places which needs more financial help to rebuild dilapidated/damaged buildings/rooms and/or facilities. Re-assess/evaluate teachers' skills and set up more scholarships for poor but deserving students.
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  • Aref H4 answered 5 years ago
    First, we build more schools, where everything is free. And the students must be placed in a correct frame of mind to learn. That he is important to the survival of the whole. And if he does not learn, that it might mean the death of everyone in his school.

    What more ideal school would this be, but in a free floating school in the sea, where if you do not respond to "All Hands on Deck!", the ship would be lost?
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  • Ale answered 5 years ago
    Burn all the erroneous public school textbooks authored by unknown individuals without credentials. Then import world-class books from the US and Canada.


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  • onycx answered 5 years ago
    no way man. from the department of education to the regional dep-eds, there's corruption. u supply the textbooks if u r the highest bidder, i mean u ca give them more.
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  • theguywhoreportedmeisamoron answered 5 years ago
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  • How do you think the government can up grade the education in the Philippines?
    As per statistics is concern as per reported in the news. The Philippine educational system is deteriorating in a rapid state. Actually, this news report is not new anymore. Since early 1960's our educational system is par below the usual standard set by some Asian countries or probably by other European system. Some elementary schools in a hidden villages in Mindanao do not even seen a computer or a lop top for that matter. And the in-coming government of Noynoy Aquino cannot fill the big deficit concerning educational system in the country. Some NGO or private enterprise are helping fill the gap of giving free books/school supplies to some government schools but still not enough. How do we modernize our present educational system? Our biggest problem is our ballooning population which lead to inadequate education. Out of 10 children in a family only 4 can finish elementary, 3 in high school. The rest are working in an early age. Ganito ka hirap ang buhay sa Pilipinas. I was surprise that someone ask here why the Philippines is poor. He doesn't know that Philippines is a poor country. Imagine such people exist in the world of internet, where every information is already accessible to the public.Ganito kalubha ang situwasyon ng kalidad ng edukasyon sa ating bansa. Dito nga meron pang nagtatanong tungkol sa Pilipinas how much more children who do not have access to internet or even books just a teacher , a black board and a chalk.
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