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美國憲法Article I, §10, clause 1禁止各州在和平時擁有軍事用船艦。


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    Duties 責任and





    Seal of the National Guard Bureau (NGB)



    National Guard Bureau Officer Branch of Service Insignia

    National Guard units can be mobilized for

    active duty to supplement regular armed forces during times of war or national emergency declared by Congress[citation needed], the President[15]

    or the Secretary of Defense[16].

    They can also be activated for service in their respective states upon

    declaration of a state of emergency by the governor of the state or

    territory in which they serve; in the case of Washington DC, the

    Commanding General. Unlike Army Reserve members, National

    Guard members cannot be mobilized individually, except through voluntary

    transfers and Temporary Duty Assignments (TDY). However, there

    have been a significant number of individual activations to support

    ongoing military operations related to the Global War on Terrorism (beginning in 2001);

    the legality of this policy is a major issue within the National Guard.[citation needed]由以上得知海上的自衛並不屬於各州政府管轄   當然也就沒有海上National Guard但是US有Coast GuardUS憲法第一章Section 10.第三段

    No state shall, without the consent

    of Congress, lay any duty of tonnage, keep troops, or ships of war in

    time of peace, enter into any agreement or compact with another state,

    or with a foreign power, or engage in war, unless actually invaded, or

    in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.第一句清楚寫明不得擁有戰爭用之部隊及船艦http://topics.law.cornell.edu/constitution/article...

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    美國憲法Article I, §10, clause 1禁止各州在和平時擁有軍事用船艦。

    Source(s): 美國憲法
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