Converting to Islam???

Was it a challenge for you? How did your family react? Did they support you? Why did you convert? What was your previous religion? Thank you so much!!

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    Follow the true Religion.

    Islam is the perfect and complete religion for all mankind (5:3).

    Islam is the Complete way of life.

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    First Just So u Know I Was Born As A Muslim and Islam Is A Very Clear And Easy Religion And If U Feel Like Converting To Islam Then That's Ur Choice And Through Time Ur Family Will Start To Accept Who u Are And To Know More About Islam U Can Just Read The Quraan I'm Sure It'll Be Helpful

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    Was it a challenge for you?

    Taking the shahadah per se? Not really. I was nervous but I knew in my heart that I had no choice but to become a Muslim. I also felt much more at peace after I reverted. However, trying to be a practicing Muslim continues to be a challenge for me. And my biggest challenge right now is telling my dad about it.

    How did your family react?

    So far, I've told my mom and my brothers and have been tentatively trying to tell my grandma. I haven't told my dad yet. Initially they were surprised but they gradually got used to it. My brothers still think I am weird though and just yesterday one of them told me that he felt like I have become a different person. I don't know why because I don't feel like I've changed that much personality wise. Maybe it's the fact that I actually try to practice Islam, namely the 5 prayers. I guess they didn't know that I was this hardcore lol.

    Did they support you?

    For the most part, my family neither supports nor discourages me. My mom urges me to be more careful in making such a conclusion, and my brothers really don't care that much. My dad doesn't know yet but I know he is not going to support me (not being pessimistic; I just know).

    Why did you convert?

    I reverted because after doing some research I decided that I believe that there is only one God and Muhammad (pbuh) is His last messenger. I am convinced that the Quran can be from none but God alone. Rationally, I could not make myself deny what was obvious, and spiritually, my heart was undeniably drawn to God and to this way of life.

    What was your previous religion?

    Un-determined. I had been a Buddhist, an agnostic, gone to church regularly for a year, meditated in some New Age group lessons, and even probed into Scientology for a while (wow). However, I had already believed in God before I started researching Islam.

    P.S. Why do people answer this question like this "I am a Muslim but I can answer this question" ... Um so converts/reverts are not considered Muslims?

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    My family disowned me publicly and my friends disappeared.

    I was a Christian leading bible studies and intercessions for 2 churches, one day I started looking further than the bible and when I found the Qu'ran I was enlightened by the truth, I was the only person in my family ever to have any interest in religion and my parents, brother and sister were Atheists.

    Their rejection didn't worry me because I have lived hundreds of miles from them for years and I was on my own because I had divorced my wife .

    I did not have a hard time but some people tried to give me one, people just could not and still can not understand why or how I reverted the nearest Mosque is 90 minutes drive away and I live in a small town in a remote part of the UK..

    Now after some time there is a reluctant acceptance and tolerance from them but equally shocking for them is that now I have a Asian wife but that is a different story [quite racist were my family].

    They do not understand but have a reluctant acceptance which is the best way of describing the situation.

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    i want u 2 know that islam very peacful religion it complete other religion i listen about more hpeople convrt to islam in the world iwill still all my life moslm en sha2 allah ithink if u have a well 2 b moslem god will be beside u (al salam 3likm)

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    i was born as muslim but a see a lot of people converting to Islam Alhmdulilah

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    Assalamu Alikum(WRB) May Allah shower peace and blessing on you.

    Dear Sister,

    I am a muslim but I have experience with people who are working with me have converted Islam. What they hear from family and how they feel after converting Islam.

    Mostly I heard that their family was disturbed after hearing this news.

    Parents, Wife, sisters and brothers, as well as the neighbours was trying to isolate him/them.

    But they are watching the daily activities and find the difference between the time before and after converting Islam. They find neatness in his behavior, cleanliness, talking style, and respecting others. First of all, they found that these people neglect drinking alcohol.

    This behavioral activities lead them think about it and slowly start asking about Islam. After hearing his/their detailed explanations and obviously what they have seen in his activities, the other member in his community start convert to Islam. Like the way one of my friends whole family converted within two of his visit to his country on vacation.

    Now he said, they very happy now. and so doing the same other members. Now he established a Islamic center in his place and assign a person who converted Islam to give lecture and guidance I heard that still people coming to hear the preachings. Insha Allah in future he will do his best...Almighty may reward for his work.


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    Converting was not much of a challenge because, I believe Islam confirmed what I already believed and I knew in my heart Islam was right.

    My family thought I was crazy.. which is nothing new.

    Most accepted it but none really supported my choices.. which is also nothing new in my case.

    I read the Quran and compared it with the Bible. I found it answered questions I had as a Christian. The more I read the more I knew the Quran was indeed from God... Allah.

    I used to be a Christian.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is a challenge to this day, unfortunately

    I moved from Christianity to Atheism, tried to back to the church but didn't work.

    I converted because I studied Islam, and I had dreams about Islam which lead me to investigate it.

    When you read the bible critically, you realize the flaws it has.

    Quran has no flaws for me.

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    I was born Muslim Alhamdulillah but I wasn't so interested in Islam until about 2 years ago. I think it's such a beautiful religion even with all the hate towards muslims we're still having hundreds and thousands of people wanting to convert to Islam WHY? because Allah guides them and they find Islam somehow somewhere... isn't that sooo amazing..?

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