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Strange smell from my mouth and nose!!?

For the past couple of a weeks i've been dealing with this horrible smell in my nose and my mouth. And i have a throat/ear/sinus infection. And i went to my doctor he gave me medicine and that work then my infection came back again so he gave me a description but my mom wanted me to drink Cifro and my doctor says he's okay about it but it seems like is not working at all!! and i've been feeling unhungry lately like my stomach is packed with food and i can't eat anymore so i force myself to. And the smell seems like its coming from the back of my throat or my stomach and i really need help cuz i want to join this sport but this horrible smell is keeping me away from joining a sport Help me plz!!!

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    if it's a bacterial infection that's causing the smell you can try green tea extract. if it's acid reflux, try a basic (as opposed to acidic) drink like tonic water or howling monkey soda. if it's in your mouth, rinse with salt water and brush floss and rinse with mouthwash. if your a cigarette smoker stop. smoking a marijuana joint may help where legally available because it will cause the saliva to temporarily reduce, drying out your mouth and giving you a moment to destroy the infection. in addition it would boost immunity and has natural anti bacterial properties in its smoke as well as edible form. I fear for some reason none of these solutions will work for you but I wanted to give you examples of what you could of done. By the time you read this I would suggest you get immediate medical attention, I believe this is a sign of a greater disorder, something neurological in which paths that waves travel in your brain are being crossed and interpreted as the wrong signals. Science offers no safe cure, sadly you'll have to take medication for the rest of your life, and get this: it increases mortality in the elderly. I'm sorry to bear the bad news but you can help yourself to salvation by becoming more aware of knowledge of self so that you can better understand the apparent nature of your illness. Hope this was of help, thanks!

    Source(s): PhD in Psychoanalysis
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    Strange Smell In Nose

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    This is mostly speculation because I don't know all the details. If you are not very active then you should force yourself to get up and move around more. I recommend joining the sport. Although this could be something else, I suspect that you may be severely constipated. You may already know this, or you may (ironically) be experiencing diarrhea. If you are in fact constipated, then a product such as Senna-S tablets could help you, but if it is so bad that your stomach is venting through the esophagus then you will probably need to continue with the laxatives (and the diarrhea) for as long as a week and a half. The goal is to clear things out and get them going smoothly. You should continue to eat a healthy diet (the definition of a healthy diet is debatable, so I leave that to your discretion, but it is difficult to over eat as long as you are eating healthy food so if you focus on quality then quantity is not a real issue. ) After taking all those laxatives you should seriously consider temporarily supplementing your diet with some healthy bacteria to aid digestion and to repopulate your intestinal ecosystem.

    The type of constipation that I am describing is more like being backed up than being completely stoppered up. You may still be having daily bowel movements. This condition can be brought on through an unbalanced diet or through fasting. If you have been fasting or dieting recently that may have triggered your condition.

    There are other causes to consider. Another one that I will talk about briefly is bulimia. If you are vomiting more than twice a year (and that is even a lot for many people) that can negatively affect your breath and your health. If this is the case then I hope that you will find the courage to love yourself and to treat your body with respect. Given the proper quantities of healthy food your body will grow to be healthy, but if the body is starved it will grow to be ill and distorted. Think about the tissues of your brain and of your muscles and try to give yourself just the ingredients that are used to build those tissues and in the same proportions that they exist in within the grown organs. Protein is a good start so I hope you are not a vegetarian.

    Finally, the obvious cause would be your draining sinuses. That stuff can smell bad and it can make you feel full. Treat your body well and it will get better. Playing sports is okay too, but if you are blowing your nose a lot I understand it is kind of gross and burdensome. Get some tissues with lotion in them. Blow it out at every opportunity and try not to swallow it. Make sure that you are drinking enough water, and be happy that you don't have a gastrointestinal problem. Best wishes.

    Source(s): I'm just a guy and so is your doctor. Take all of this with suspicion. Read about things on your own. Challenge my advice. Challenge your doctors advise. Even challenge your mothers advise. Satisfy yourself with knowledge, then challenge your conclusions. There is no end to learning, there are no universal answers, and time changes everything slightly.
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    Two things you must purchase for this, Fisrt is called a neti pot the second is called a tounge scraper. Or you can use a spoon.

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